Canadian Government May Soon CONFISCATE PROPERTY Without Linking It To Crime!

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The Canadian government are apparently mobsters! That’s the image they’re going to project if they implement “unexplained wealth orders” or UWO’s which seeks to “allow confiscation without finding the crime”. With UWOs, anyone targeted by the government would be required to prove they bought their property using “legitimate sources” of income, the province wouldn’t need to show any link to criminal activity. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with John Sneisen of World Alternative Media about UWO’s that go a step beyond civil forfeiture and “allow confiscation without finding the crime”.

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  • wraphand

    So… Trudeau has corrupted the rule of law, he wants to seize our weapons, and strip us of our property rights, and strip us of our wealth. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bill W

    I think you guys know what to do.
    Are you men or subjects of the crown. FIGHT BACK.
    Do you want to be buried with your balls or live a geldings life ?

  • Spencer Kelly

    The police have been stealing property for years. There is no law to stop them because courts are corrupted and don’t care about your rights.
    Power to make laws is supposed to be limited by the Constitution.
    This is not respected whatsoever. Our only choice is to react to these laws is to fight back with everything you got. Never let them take your rights away. They will use violence against you to take from you (ROBBERY).

  • Sykes

    Confiscation politics is loved by authoritarian police and governments. They are always on the lookout for the tiniest of excuses that allow them to crash through the door and search and seize. Don’t keep cash.

  • Nikki Hinton

    Thank you Dan and John. The backyard is indeed global. Your indepth information sharing and action for righteous change affects the whole. Bless in service your gifts your task, to empower others. 🕯️🌎🕯️

  • phil scott

    I live offshore, 4 years ago my bank here forced me to sign a sheet of paper allowing the USA IRS to seize 30% my bank deposits if the IRS merely *suspected* any sort of crime, from drug smuggling to money laundering or failure to report all of my assets in the US or here where I am living offshore. I do not think there will be a solution. Failure to comply or if anyone protests they will loose their banking option… regarding crypto’s legislation can be passed that criminalizes any use… a measly 50,000 usd fine should do it… the fact that it will be difficult or impossible to enforce 100% not withstanding.. just the threat will be enough. Then the central banks will go to their own crypto, probably using HashGraph…that will enable govt to track every single dime you spend in micro seconds.. maybe 2 seconds max… and that WILL NOT WORK 100%… it will work 80%, then with any violation of the new laws, most of the remaining 20% will be terrified of doing any transaction, buy or sell. Which means that maybe 1% of the stores will sell you a jock strap with crytpo…too much of a massive penalty compared to the one dollar profit.

    So that I do believe, and historically, that we are entirely screwed.

    My early-on consideration, from the 1970’s, noticing this trend…. was that the only thing govt could not to take from you was your brain and skill sets etc…So i worked to gain as much as I could, into the highest levels of engineering… making it a bit difficult to starve me out in my late 70’s…. staying fit (am not doing so well there).. and keeping your skills current, keeps the brain from going senile…you can be viable to the bloody end that way. … then live off shore, very very well, on a tiny income.

    Good luck with whatever besets you. Hang nails, hemorrhoids, prolapsed ones also… thats nasty… a left winger red headed wife… that would do it.

  • Samuel Toralli

    This is exactly what happens when liberals take over the country…
    Vote them out people !
    Trudeau and his buddies will destroy Canada as we know and love …

  • John La Marca

    Bitcoin and blockchain – I thought everyone was getting smart until I realized they were only treating it like any other investment and NOT understanding how it can replace the present money and take the power AWAY from the bankers… Their BRAINS are hopelessly focused on MONEY (the way it already is) exactly like those in power want them to think… I used to follow Christopher Green until I realized what his focus was… He did very well FOR HIMSELF and really nothing to lead toward replacing money worldwide with bitcoin…

  • James V

    Liberalism sickness is all this is. sad to be a Canadian with this garbage.
    Instead of dealing with the Chinese criminals laundering there proceeds of crime in BC because it’s difficult they screw all Canadians and continue to remove our rights from us.
    Give me my pension back government thieves and I will leave

  • Mark Guy

    Who dare question our natural ruling class and the son or daughter of our great leader? With them we have no rights and dont need them! All hail Justina!

  • Photonia Phive

    LoveTruth⚠️You got a Problem Alright, Children, Cause your Parents Sold you Out for some Disneyland Crap Super-Stupid Hero’s & Handful Of Poisonings Sugar, thinks Will Save You From Your Greedy & Criminal Parents Lusts For Rebellion & Ultimate Carnal Selfishness✅👌🇺🇸

  • Bud M.

    What are you IDIOTS talking about? “The Police Forces around, are not getting enough theft from us”? Do you two even speak the English language”? You on the right of the screen sound like one of the most illiterate morons I’ve ever listened to. It’s got NOTHING to do with the police at all. What a pair of WINGNUTS you two are.

  • Minnie Mouse

    Trudeau is said to have done something to America and I’m hoping for an indictment down there…take him away.

  • Cody Nita C.

    Not to mention that under a declared “state of emergency” in Canada property can be confiscated without due process as well as forced vaccination on the populace.

  • Louis-Philippe Duval

    Yeah, idk if this is constitutional. The “punish everyone because of that one dickhead” mentality is not really the Canadian values nor the values of democracy or rules of laws.

  • Bud M.

    You say, “any rights that we have about individual human beings, and just being able to blame the confiscate and take whatever you know well if we have either it is our property our you know take your bitcoins and put a gun to your head and get your private keys.” DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS SAYS? IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL AND I COPIED IT DIRECTLY OFF WHAT YOU SAID. LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH FOIR CHRISTS SAKE WOULD YA? What a freakin mess!!

  • off grid prepper

    don’t let any one take your shit!! keep guns wnps ready at all time this is the crazy world we are living in time to make a stand all man this needs to stop!!!! if any one try taking your shit you know what needs to be done fight them to the death!!!!! don’t be a cowed!!! time for a civil war!!!

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