Global Markets Are CRASHING 2019 Isn’t Looking Good – What You NEED To Know!

Is the everything bubble about to pop?! Those who have been paying attention can clearly see a similarity today to what we saw in the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis that we’re still feeling the effects of today! Stocks are down, bonds and pensions are struggling, gold is undervalued, the Canadian housing market is totally inflated, cryptocurrencies are in a bear run, so where will all this end? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with John Sneisen of World Alternative Media about what can be expected for the global markets in 2019 (spoiler alert, it’s gonna be a rough ride) and more importantly what you can do to protect your wealth moving forward.


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About The Author


  • Freeman Pennington

    The globalist and their political puppets are getting scared because they’re going down the rest of this is just fear propaganda trust in God

  • Noob Club

    still not a sound about anything in Denmark, the world looks just great here………(no info at all, unless we search for it on internet)

  • Kaddahy Mohamed

    Gold is the real Money, anything else is DEBT. J.P.Morgan. …. I add gold, silver and Human resources are the real assets.

  • Truth Seeker

    World wide gold standard is what’s needed and remember global is a psy op term for we don’t live on a spinning sphere

  • Press For Truth

    Was the economist magazine published in 1988 predicting a global currency in 2018 off by a year?
    On another note, I’m currently being financially sabotaged as someone is attempting to block my flow of income (see my facebook and/or twitter for more info)…I can definitely use your help so if you appreciate my efforts to bring you free information on YouTube please consider making a contribution at one or more of the follow links:
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  • Ronald Swanson

    This is a correction. We will see if it will get worse. I don’t think it will. But if the fed raises rates again then it will crash

  • james staggs

    I remember the 2008 crash. I remember my life not being affected at all apart from my home losing a little bit of value, which it recovered and then some.

  • Glenn S

    Anonymous has been warning of this for over a year now. They’re going to purposely crash the US dollar and replace it with a one world currency.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    I think we’ll hear a lot of horror stories outta China this year as western companies that moved there to exploit peasant labor realize China wants their company, but not them, and will take companies away from western, Wall Street control.

  • Heimata Maueau

    Thanks for those informations they dont want us to know in South Pacific Islands specialy FRENCH POLYNESIA. TAHITI… Good job bro.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    Why is there such news about an Apple “crash”. We know some of these tech companies are priced solely by buyers and sellers of their equity, with no relationship to their bottom line, like Facebook. Facebook continues to lose money, yet Zuckerberg is a billionaire. As long as someone wants to pay more for shares, the equity will rise. And I’m sure a lot of these “investors” talk to each other, to outright manipulate the share prices, and taking losses works very well for them, to write off gains on their taxes, if they pay any!!

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    When interest rates are near zero, of course individuals and companies and governments are going to borrow heavily. But I think what’s happening is that low interest rates are no longer incentivizing borrowing and growth is stagnate or negative.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    Canada sold off its gold to “satisfy” the demands of the bankers, just after Canada started borrowing from the banks (at interest) in the 1970s, instead of from the citizens (for zero interest) which Canada did 1930s -1970s.

  • The west is being destroyed. It's an inside job.

    “Gains in employment” say nothing of losses over prior years, or the quality of those jobs.

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