Josh Sigurdson reports on the most need to know statistics regarding the true nature of gun control.
As people hit the streets in the hundreds of thousands for the ‘March For Our Lives’ and the anti-gun lobby heats up to all time highs with emotional support from the left and the right, it’s crucial for people to actually break free from the emotional assumptions and understand the FACTS.

According to the FBI and NSC, statistically, places with concealed carry and open carry have far less crime. People can focus all day on gun crimes, but to not factor in all violent crimes, theft, murder and other forms of abuse is to not actually care about the argument in question.
Places like Chicago and Detroit make up for the majority of shootings in the United States. Places like Britain and Australia have actually seen increased forms of assault, murder and theft following gun confiscation and control.

Criminals do not follow laws. Nor does the organized crime racket everyone would be giving their guns to. Government. The entity that has killed more people than anything else in the history of the world.

This is a problem of dependence and regurgitation of TV talking points. Individuals must stop depending on government and instead be independent free individuals as they are intrinsically or else we shall quickly fall into absolute tyrannical servitude.

In this video, countless stats are provided that blow the official mainstream narrative out of the water.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Thomas Silvey

    This world is all about violence anyway… People will blame video games and whatnot plus guns without the fact that since the 90s schools are a safe place anyway when it comes to school security. No wonder its like cell block H at the moment. People will even use rocks even though the people will be the ones dead… Doesn’t matter if the 2nd amendment still exists and a tyrant will show up eventually when a citizen militia shoots at the tyrants soldiers, they tyrants soldiers will have more higher powered guns which means absolute death. Our country (US) started this country on violence… So people can support gun control or the 2nd amendment all they want, it doesn’t truly matter. The powers that be love that.

  • Masfaith3

    Bottom Line there is no such thing as just print wealth! No one can just print unlimited wealth. It’s impossible. They do it’s wrong and everyone will lose anything you received from this illegal money! Paper dollars, gold certificates etc. It’s stealing! It is stealing using paper, it’s stealing using crypto. It’s stealing!
    There is no government, no power no authority, no businesses, Nothing it’s all stolen!
    Gold and silvers limits evil, limits corruption. The Constitution gives us the right to use gold and silver only! Horses, land, wheat. God gives us our daily bread! Amish are right
    Your enemy knows how to kill; over 60 million babies, CIA kills all the time, MIC war all the time, all around the world, Clinton’s dead body count, Chem trails, Vaccines, DEW, Weather Warfare, GMO’s, Big Pharma, Drug Lords, Bushes Clinton’s, CIA, Poison in all our food, Fluoride, Islam Muslim Brotherhood, Mossad, etc.!
    Life is FREE! Gets some land, horses, animals, wheat, it all multiplies into wealth! Self-replicating food and transportation! Rights that come from God! Time to arrest these bank robbers masquerading as bankers an government put them in jail and give the people back their god, silver, land and families! Wives, husbands children together on their farms! No Job, no Public schools. Deuteronomy 28: Land, animals, crops families!Gold and Silver is real. Fake dollars is a trance also! A dollar bill isn’t a dollar! A silver dollar is a real dollar, $10 is a gold piece called an Eagle! Think 1776, 1890, You’ve been robbed! In the 1913 some thieves stole all our gold our land an we are going to take it back! Messenger for God. 2018 Year of Jubilee. There is no 20 trillion debt it’s all “MADE” up! Gold and silver are real money! We the people are going to end our slavery to these LIES! the way the Lord put it to me this morning. It use to be men would rob banks! The government would protect the people go get the banker robbers put them in jail give back the money, gold and silver to the people.

  • Mr. Know Itall

    Perfect time and place to Kent State these leftist losers.
    Call out the National Guard locked and loaded.
    Die up the portable meat lockers baggem and taggem !

  • anowar hussain

    guns should be banned because guns kills.every country has gun legal has huge gun death and countries has gun ban is 1000 times less death due to gun related deaths

  • Tony Rodriguez

    I am upset with your propaganda-type start but I agree with you on banning weapons. Prohibition does not work. It will effectively turn law abiding gun owners into criminals and won’t stop the real criminals from getting their hands on a weapon of their choosing. What we do need are probably more strict gun purchasing. The second amendment was not created for the mass murdering of children. You can’t blame these people (and kids, they are kids man chill out you said it yourself, you as a kid were in favor of it) for wanting guns to disappear. If we could make them disappear I would be all over that but we can’t.

  • Dashed

    Don’t become the new Europe.
    Guns provide protection against criminals and governments.

    Those schools shootings aren’t because of guns, they’re caused by what kind of drugs those kids are proscribed.

  • Mark Shirley

    More evidence of Communist/Fascist lunacy to think that what happens in Australia with gun-control is what should happen in America. If there really is two or more opposing sides in this global total-control attempt being set up right now, whoever wins will phone Australia to tell them which side they are now on. America is the ‘consumable’, the sacrificial column in the battle to return power back to Europe from whence will come the Antichrist who enforces his mark in the right-hand global financial system for 7 years. Then Jesus returns with a big stick to the one third remaining population. America, Europe, Russia, and China are the four main power-blocks where this battle is being fought. The rest of us little countries are just cannon-fodder for their ambitions. Jesus kingdom within is the other power-block but it is leaving in the rapture soon. Be on that Ark. Take care, we are just about there.

  • FuddyDuddy99

    Globalists want gun control and will do anything to force it. I believe THEY are responsible for telling police to “Stand down” when active shooters are killing our children. Curious also how they conduct assault training at these schools commensurate with the actual shooting…This convinced me they are killing our kids to promote their globalist agenda to confiscate guns.


    Thing with Australia – where Gun control was implemented by a Conservative party – is instead of Gun Attacks there are car attacks instead. Europe is screwed because of Nanny State, can’t even carry CS spray in some areas. Thing is when it goes to crap, the Pro Armies aren’t equipped or trained to deal with an insurgency and the bankrupt Eurozone economies won’t be able to afford it anyway. Unlike Euro population the migrants all come from a culture in which they know how to use guns

  • Jaime Grayson

    If marching is what makes them cave in………then LETS MARCH BIGGER THAN THESE PUSSY HATS COULD EVER DREAM OF………seriously republicans don’t. March because we are usually WORKING. Etc……. But if that’s all it takes lets show up and show out…..

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