How Public Schools Enslave The Mind – The Indoctrination Of The Next Generation (with Holly Swanson)

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Holly Swanson, author of the book ‘Training For Treason – The Harmful Agenda Behind Education For Sustainability’ to talk about the insanity of the public school system and the disturbing attempt by the state to shove children into extreme collectivism, bordering on communism.
Children are taught early on within the public school system to be dependent and not ambitious. Personal responsibility is the most important part of individual liberty which children today have little knowledge of. They know they have the freedom to watch Netflix, but they don’t realize the freedoms that have been robbed from them.
Young children are quite objective and sceptical before they’re thrown into an indoctrination camp but once they’ve been fully indoctrinated, they know little and demand a lot. They become future voters. They are forced into the Marxist mindset because they are told their teachers know all and those teachers are products of the same Marxist system.
These kids then go into debt in college or university as their parents are plunged into poverty having to pay for these wasted years and next thing you know these adult children are in safe spaces playing with play-dough and stifling free speech. These adult children then leave school knowing even less and unable to get a job and they then become dependent on the state while happily paying taxes. It’s truly hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

This is the same direction Germany, Soviet Russia and Maoist China went. This is the school system that brainwashed generations of past children into collectivist coercion and mindless chanting.

As Betsy DeVos is called a “Nazi” by adult children using Nazi tactics and supporting Nazi policy for calling for home schooling and individual responsibility, we know we’ve entered the realm of Marxist double-speak. Will we learn? Or will we continue to produce robots for the system to absorb? It’s up to you.

We thank Holly Swanson for speaking with us again! She’s an incredibly smart woman and always incredibly insightful!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Holly Swanson
Josh Sigurdson

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