Italy’s Crumbling Economy! – Is The BIG Recession Coming?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the crashing Italian economy as many warn of an impending recession.
Italy’s manufacturing sector continues to fall at a rapid rate hitting lows on a monthly basis. With its subservience to the European Union dragging them down and manipulating their markets dramatically as well as completely crazy central planning within the country, there’s no doubt that Europe’s third largest economy is on the brink of disaster.
John breaks down the stats on Italy as the everything bubble worldwide begins to pop. This is the kind of madness that’s been going on for centuries and Italy’s no stranger to it. They’ve seen the rise and fall of their country’s economy on countless occasions as well as several times in the last century alone. With major bailouts and one of the world’s oldest banking systems, you’d think people would have learned by now. But people simply do not understand money and for that reason fall prey to these massive syndicates over and over again.
World wide we are seeing the end of a system and it won’t be easy but it needs to happen sooner than later. The more it’s put off, the worse it will be. You must be self sufficient, financially responsible and independent of the system. You must educate yourself, rule yourself and decentralize everything. There are more solutions than problems, you just have to understand money and control your own money so your money doesn’t control you.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • AvarielBlackwing

    Untangle thyself, John! I swear it’s all I can look at whilst you talk, lol… you can always tuck the headphone wires under your shirt. 🙂

  • Denise Williams

    Josh is on a rampage! I understand the outrage, but God has a plan written in the book of Revelation. Calm down before you stroke out from high blood pressure.

  • driverx 36158

    Now they fucked you so hard in the asshole with ads I have to check for new video releases with jewtube from my subscriptions and than go the fuck over to bitchute to watch them ad free.Really getting jewish around the net these days. Reminds me of the fucking fed.

  • Fabio

    If all FIAT currencies must eventually revert to zero, as stated by yourselves, how are you wanting to be funded to keep this channel alive?

  • Lucifer Light

    Justin Trudeau used Italy as an example when he signed away a bill that allows cops to administer alcohol and marijuana tests without due cause stating that it greatly reduced impaired driving in Italy. The problem is that Italy’s culture is different ; they are more understanding towards people. In Canada the liberal way of thinking is look you up and throw the key away and let you rot . Therefore it’s very imperative to maintain our rights as Canadians or we will be living in a very hostile society.

  • Δεσποινα

    Thanks guys, we’re at UniCredit Bank, thank God we keep money both at home and at the Bank.

    Most of my family members luckily work in the food industry and teaching, so we’re having a little “advantage” on our side.

    My fav. greek philosopher was Platon for the idealized world he taught about. It’s not distant, because hindu, ancient greek/roman and talmudian writings also talk about similar events.

    Keep up guys, you’re doing great!♥️♥️♥️

  • Karlos Alexandos

    Fantastic, will listen to this later, but would love to see the bigger picture with Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and France is linked to those economies too. 2019 could be quite explosive. Spain has billions off the books due to the fatal property construction crash, and they went bankrupt but was not allowed even though they were bailed out the EU never called it a bailout. Much of that debt can’t just disappear, I was told it was moved off the books but it has to resurface some where? and when?

  • Eric

    Trump is a genius. I have a unique education from various sectors and I can’t believe people can’t see his grand plan – it should lead to a destruction-creation event which should bring incredible prosperity and peace worldwide. Just unbelievable-never thought I’d see it in my life.

  • wayne mcclory

    If I lived in Italy I would stop paying taxes to a Government that brings in Aliens to Rob,Rape and destroy my future. F Off

  • Jonee Tiedemann

    Italy might go back to the Lira & Medieval torture entertainment inflicted on generational mofos. 
    Their fuck off/get fucked ends with ” … culo!”.

  • Maddox

    The problem is its (the red/blue political voting system) becoming a spectacle like American Idol or ‘The Hunger Games’ and people like it for that

  • Jonee Tiedemann

    If you two bros don’t rattle people, it’s because they don’t have a pulse. Mamma mía, che chlusterfuckeroni!
    On the brighter & lighter side, you guys might want to know that, with the advancing Ice Age, Canadians will become Eskimucks.

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