LIVE Breaking News – WAM Headlines (03/23/2018)

Josh Sigurdson breaks down several of the headlines you’re not hearing about!

He also answers questions from the audience!


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  • Alaskan Christian

    the alt media has a large group blindly following Trump it is making me sick to my stomach.

    Exact same excuses as Bush, oh Trump has the military intelliegence he knows what is really going on…

    What you mean like freaking BUSH with 9/11 and KNOWING the weapons of Mass Destruction were there.. yet ok sure

  • The Bob Loblaw Show !

    The unemployment rate in Canada is high, why are we bringing in foreign workers ? This is b.s. With all the foreigners we let in it is not sustainable. They tax payer cannot shoulder this burden. Our standard of living is going to decline rapidly. The justice system will not suffer because we don’t send migrants to jail if they break our laws. Canada will become a third world country with Shariah Law in 20 years. Say good bye to our country. Trudeau shot Canada in the head. Hope you get James Wilks Boothed, you traitor. Resign an play Mr. Dressup full time you dirty rotten bastard. You have destroyed Canada with crippling debt. I hope you get run over by a combine you fuck. Your father was an asshole as well.

  • parkerbohnn

    What time this Monday will they (the rig artists) tank the gold and silver market? We know the bag holders will come in at 9:30am this Monday with the petroyuan. My guess is at exactly 9:50am (first hit) then 10:20am the U.S. dollar will surge and gold will tank (the second and hardest hit). Always looking for day trades and short silver and gold are a certainly Monday just a question of the exact time.

  • Calvin Cooper

    It will be a great day when an elected official “by the people”
    Can also inspect the central banking system

  • Neq

    Bummed I missed the live stream! Some great info covered today though, thanks Josh! Been busy watching anti-putin propaganda ads on TV this morning…

  • bert flisberg

    how do we get rid of the goverment without breaking the law ? im sick and tired watching canada turn s to communism!

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