Marching Into The Belly Of The Beast

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  • DamnDirtyApe

    Look like the Vancops were complacent that libtarded woman assaulting the fine upstanding Canadian person voicing his concerns of Justin Trudeau’s commie transgender fagdykes minnions, er, I mean baby “peoplekind” scientists.

    VANCOUVER — A rookie Vancouver police officer captured on video pushing a disabled woman to the ground has been handed a six-day suspension after waiting more than four years for a conclusion.

    But the adjudicator’s decision to make the delay a mitigating factor in sentencing for Const. Taylor Robinson frustrates the woman’s lawyer, who said Friday the officer’s own department was responsible for the lengthy delay.

    Robinson admitted at a hearing in July 2013 to shoving Sandy Davidsen — who has multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy — to the ground in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

  • Joshua Baxter

    These people love their buzzwords like white supremacy, islamophia, xenophobia, the patriarchy. They go to these Marxist colleges and then like the good followers they are, go out and point the finger at the wrong people, while the real perpetrators are those who command them. The elitist left and cryptoleft are the true racists, the true slave masters. They prop up the islamofascists and use these zombie kids to push their adjenda for complete domination and control.

  • Joshua Baxter

    The left refuses to talk to the alt media because they have no truth to stand on, their masters know that if they are exposed, the masses will not go along with them willingly.

  • anarchore

    Assholes marching against ‘white supremacy’ in a town that whites can’t afford to live because of Chinese criminals buying all the real estate, and people like these ‘privilege’ obsessed gated community living scumbags at the microphone.

  • Parent-Alerte

    Anti-phobia derangement syndrome would apply . Think the disease has infiltrated the young generation. Emotional and insulting.

  • Robert Allen

    Bikies that don’t bike, Hippies that ain’t hip, feminists that hate lesbians, looks like the gang is all here!

  • Canadida Mapleleaf

    if they get violent of your border or your countries laws they are not coming in peace .. they not looking for help they are trying to take

  • Zed Dez

    Ricardo Duchesne Speaks about his New book Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians

    The Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly with Stefan Molyneux

    Contents, Preface and Part One

    Ricardo Duchesne – Conservative Gatekeepers Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker & Jonathan Haidt

    Ricardo Duchesne – The Uniqueness of Western Civilization Ch. 01 The Fall of Western Civilization

    Faith Goldy’s Anti-Immigration Speech Shut Down By Hysterical Neo-Marxist Mob

    GLOBAL WHITE MINORITY – Time To Assert Our Minority Rights? – CHAINSMOKE SERIES

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