Breaking: 500 NATO Troops Deployed To Lithuania As Part Of Anti-Russia Force

500 NATO troops, mostly from Germany, have been deployed to Lithuania as part of the “Enhanced Forward Presence” in the Baltics. For more news from PFT support us on Patreon ➜


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  • Key Maker

    500 troops is about 12 hours of work for the Russian miltary if it ever
    came down to that .. which it wont imo, In other words this is no real
    threat to Russia .. its just another bad move on the part of the people
    behind NATO … (think Rome) that will continue to expose themselves as
    anti human .. un-humane

  • James Harder

    Good report but it’s just surface level analysis. These people bank at the
    same mint and its been going on since Lenin was sponsored by English
    aristocrats to get his revolution started. Numerous facts show the military
    companies have made this cold war for profits. Whenever you reference
    nationalist themes like politics it’s part of the surface diversion.

  • daniel saint-martin

    yeah it would be wonderful if we are together….. but they’re is to much
    dumbed down sheep’s that are living in lala land…. specially millenium’s
    and frustrated feminists…..

  • DizzyWillow

    I am pretty sure that Moscow is loosing NO sleep over 500 troops (half of
    them are running the chow hall, the administrative office, and a good
    number of them are mechanics). Hardly a threat IMO.

  • John K

    So let’s have a world fuckin world war because Soros and the left on the
    west hate Trump and liberty. Keep pushing Putin. Son of bitches

  • Muleskinner

    The Globalists only weapon is fear which the people are waking up to and
    not falling for eg. false flags. There will be turbulence, but the sleeping
    giant is awakening.. The control pyramid will be inverted. Believe it and
    it will be so! People, Planet, Peace.

  • Ian C

    It’s good you’re paying attention to this, and more people should.

    However, 500 pairs of boots on the ground in a neighboring country is
    barely a threat to a small city, let alone a country like Russia.

    If it were 5000… that would bend my ear and pique my curiosity.

    50,000… I would be maxing my credit cards tomorrow lol

  • szczy1234

    what a crock of shit! how in the hell 500 soldiers will endanger Russia?
    they deployed 3500 soldiers in Poland. and what? Poland has enough soldiers
    to defend its borders. this is just another idiotic move and putin is
    laughing at it. Americans who believe this made an impression on Russia is
    stupid. from second world War Poland should know that America and England
    sold Poland to Stalin. when the dust settles America will throw the
    countries where it deployed the troops under the bus. this fear mongering
    is coming from zionistic masonerii.

  • Dale

    Trump has the honest army now,with the honest CIA agents now (I have your
    back) its going to end very peaceful remember this when you call me a dick

  • JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI*

    I too agree with you Dan and I hope President Trump sees the truth of it
    before the Globalists with George Soros and his bankers force Trump to side
    with the EU, UN and NATO to strike against Russia. I hope Trump gets all
    our troops and equipment out of this mess before the end of this month to
    tell the UN, “Not on his watch”!

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