Former Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Omar Khadr Issued Apology And $10.5 Million

The Canadian Government is set to issue an apology to the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr and he’ll also be given 10.5 million dollars in compensation a move that has pissed off a lot of Canadians so in today’s video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains to those who are living in a painfully delusional fear state why this is a good thing which should have been done a long time ago! At PFT let us be the first to say congratulations Omar Khadr… it’s about time you got what you deserve!!

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  • David Webster

    You can’t have special care of children in time of war. ISLAM does not care the age of their warriors they are just as deadly and now we have given them another loop hole to drain our system.

  • Non-binary goat ride

    Why the fuck are Canadians paying for it? That whole war is fucking invasion in the first place. Thet whole war is based on lies, banker war bullshit. Trudeau is a fuking Globalist traitor who just loves giving away money to anything but nationalism. And 10 million is insane. It’s a war and the kid killed another soilder. He’s lucky he didn’t get killed! I don’t get it? Shouldn’t the whole middle East get compensation if it’s like this? And it should be compensated from whatever Zionist coward banker was behind it! Those fukers start all the wars and politicians like Trudeau are just their puppets.

  • Truth VS The Agenda

    You failed to mention that Ahmed Khadr and his family stayed with Osama bin Laden briefly and his father was a top al-Qaeda operative! You also failed to mention he made explosives so he also has that knowledge…Here’s a glimpse of a child soldier for you folks in the dark. Let’s give a born and raised terrorist 10 mil. I hope you watch this link and many other videos on that site. Don’t censor my comment again. This is my second attempt to post this.

  • 12 Volts

    age is irrelevant when the crime is severe. and under a terrorist act you can forget any of those human rights.
    he’s a terrorist you Canadian apologist. deport the piece of shit and pronounce his name properly.

  • Hughman Bean

    Press Tor Truth If I had no shoulders I might be a Liberal cocksucker like you. Lemmee see… You said your name is Dan Dicks? You must suck all kinds of them in Ottawa.

  • Michelle Caudill

    my son worked a 15 yr old kid that got blown up while planting bombs in Afghanistan…he tried to save his life because he was a kid! and even after he himself, my son, was blown up and lost a leg, messed a lot of his anatomy up , and almost died, he still says he would have worked on that kid. because he was a child.. I’m with you on this! thanks for the info.

  • Craig Smith

    You make some good points Dan, but I’m not sure if I agree or disagree at this point because I don’t no all the known facts etc.
    And sadly we never will. The main fact I would like to know is if he killed the US medic or anyone else before he happened to get captured.
    15 is a young age but life is tough and people grow up and mature a little faster from one another. Granted he could still of been some little kid at the time, nobody will know.
    I was 16 going 17 and my wife/girlfriend was just about to turn 16 when our first daughter was born. Life changed real fast and you’re no longer a child. I’d assume once Omar went to Afgan things changed and got real for him too.

    18 and 19 year olds get deployed for combat is some countries, so is that the OK age to kill people?

    I understand from your video that he may or very likely may have not been getting the aid he was allowed and that its 100% wrong if true.

    He’s also suing the Canadian GOV (or us tax payers) for a 20M law suit. Guessing he’ll win that if the GOV just said sorry.
    We also paid all his legal fees and I guess as tax payers we paid all the other fees.

    I say we pay him 10M, cancel/end all law suites against us and make him give 9M of the 10M to the poor medics widow.
    Wait, give the widow all 10M and put him on the “Ontario trial basic income” for 59 years giving him just over 1M

  • Imperatore7777

    Oh please this terrorist should be in prison for the rest of his life never mind be given 10 million dollars. This is disgusting jihad justin strikes again.

  • Raynus 1

    Meanwhile, Canadian vets have to fight for a f**king prescription.
    The only problem here was the aim of the US soldiers who wounded him.

  • NattiJeff

    I donate to Corbett, James Evan Pilato, Jack Blood and Dr. Kevin Barrett. I am not opposed to sending PFT money, but I was snubbed by you about a year ago. All I asked was to have you be a guest caller on my little mixLr show.

  • Kelvin Grabowsky

    Islam say as soon as you have pubic hair your a man. So Omar at 15 in his eyes was a man. While in Guantanamo he was leading the prayers and regarded a hero amongst his fellow inmates .

    I’ve witnessed child soldiers in Africa and there is no comparison. Those poor kids were kidnapped , beaten and drugged into submission. They were literally dead inside. Omar was none of these, he was a willing participant, I’m convinced of this.

    There’s plenty of video evidence that young Omar was making and planting ieds and I am convinced that he knows that he and his Taliban cohorts are responsible for more dead and wounded, maybe even Canadians. Which makes him a traitor to his own nation.

    Doesn’t matter what idiot politicians do or say to thinly justify their reasons to send our young to war, but to compensate families of ‘dead’ soldiers 350,000 dollars, for service to their country and then give a confessed terrorist over 10 million, on the forth of July ( a big fuck you USA) is intolerable.

  • Ralph Killoran

    Funds going to Omar should not short change citizens but be taken from our corrupt and over-fed civil service’s budget.

  • Millermatic18

    Tell me that when you were 15 you didn’t know killing was bad. Give me a break. How would you feel if that was a family member of yours?

  • The Masterdebator

    This guy is an absolute idiot and his agency is Fake News. I mean regardless of age or duress during his confession this person was out trying to kill Americans and Canadians and we are rewarding him with 10.5 million. This is unbelievable to me. Can u imagine our opposition giving a allied soldier 10.5 million because they felt bad that he/ she was “sleep deprived” during their interrogation? Yeah neither can I because it’s a fucking war! He’s a traitor period and I don’t give him a break in his age either. I was 15 once and knew what the fuck I was doing. Hell they’ll charge people this age as an adult for crimes such as murder. No excuses and I’m tired of these Liberals supporting people who will kill them! Maybe if these whinny pussy ass liberals ever tried to defend their country they would understand more.

  • Tom kuimin

    Change your channel name, I should point out that it doesn’t reflect a shred of honesty anymore. All agenda driven news nothing credible to see here anymore folks.

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