How Libertarians Can End Monsanto’s Monopoly! (With Joel Salatin)

During an interview Josh Sigurdson conducted with infamous farmer, author and entrepreneur Joel Salatin, Joel broke down a libertarian’s perspective on Monsanto and how free market demand can uproot Monsanto rather than further big government intrusion.
Monsanto was propped up by the state in the first place. When it comes to labeling and banning, one is just injecting government into the equation further and pulling the rug out from underneath farmers.
Now, something needs to be done about Monsanto! The problem is, free market demand isn’t as efficient today because it doesn’t exist as the state monopolizes industry under the guise of regulating the big bad corporations. Instead, the regulations and taxes prop up those corporations and desecrate the value and potential of small businesses who want to compete fair and square in the market.
So it comes down to individuals voting with their dollar and in order to uproot Monsanto and put an end to glyphosate, the solution comes from the individual following a massive purge of regulatory burdens and taxes.
There are few enough farmers today, we cannot force countless farmers out of work. The value has to be there. The incentive has to be there. The individual demand has to be there.
Spreading awareness of what Monsanto is and what it does is a start but we must put an end to the vast government control and manipulation of the markets.
Without this government intervention, we would see countless small businesses providing better products for better prices, competing against monopolies who could easily fall based on simple word of mouth. We would see vast innovation, far more employment, a renaissance in the farming community and vast deflation.
As long as we are attempting to solve the problems of government with government, we will simply perpetuate our problems forever.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Joel Salatin
Josh Sigurdson

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  • Free the people

    Ban it. Rats don’t even want to eat it. Nefarious luciferian agenda anyway. Mixing animal genes etc into plants, not good. God is not mocked.

  • Lavette

    i planted a garden one year in a spot that had not been used as a garden in almost 50 years , i had cantaloupe, cucumbers and watermelons come up that i did not plant ! The old seeds had laid dormant beneath the top soil and when i tiled i released them . They were the best i had eaten since i was a little girl ! SAVE THOSE SEEDS !

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