“PEDOSEXUALS” EXPOSED! (WARNING): Children Are Being Sexualized At An EXTREMELY Young Age!

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Children are born into this world completely innocent with no concept of good or evil or any kind of a notion that someone might to something bad got them. Those who violate this innocents are the worst most vile types of human beings that exists. There is a dangerous trend taking place today where children are being sexualized at a very young age and they are also being encouraged to “change their gender” if that’s something they feel they might want to do! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some recently articles that show where this slippery slope is leading which is towards a general acceptance of pedophilia and we must expose this agenda before it gains to much traction and can’t be stopped.

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2









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About The Author


  • Charles Patterson

    The Average American citizen *is* a sexual degenerate by definition. All you have to do is look at the media… We are going into a new age and we are going to “put the kids to work.” You will SUBMIT.

  • Lin Yen Chin

    You are a mouth-breather so not a Human but you are closer to Human than all muslims and other pedophiles.
    Please learn how to breathe via your nostrils, not your mouth, become a real Human, you have the potential!

  • Computer Simulated Atomic Coded Reality

    very true, chosing a sexual gender that is biologically different that its natural one before puberty should be considered child corruption and be penalized by law. Let them choose their own sexuality when they actually mature sexually.

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    *It’s sex not gender. Gender is grammatical and sex is physical* Please open your eyes and minds to discern the agenda of the communist corrupted linguistics! I for one will *not* capitulate to this communist recent re-defining of the English word “gender” for the purpose to brainwash countless English speakers into “Fools Pseudo-English”, here is the factual biological science definition according to proper English;

    The *sex* and *not gender* of a man or woman is determined by a pair of *sex **_(not gender)_* chromosomes _(gonosomes)_ . Males *are XY:* Males have two distinct *sex **_(not gender)_* chromosomes _(XY)_ , and are called the heterogametic *sex **_(not gender)_* . Females *are XX:* Females have two of the same kind of *sex **_(not gender)_* chromosomes _(XX)_ , and are called the homogametic *sex **_(not gender)_* .

    Further to this, and to reinforce this hard reality linguistic truth, *sex is physical, gender is grammatical.* The word “Genos/Gennao” in Greek IS where “Gender” derived from into English which at it’s core means “Creation, Beginning, to Begat, Birth”, it’s where the word “Genesis” comes from. The corrupted and perverted false definition of ‘gender’ being pushed by the socialist left doesn’t even comport with the true etymology of the word and this recent corruption is less than around 20 years old but only popularized more so within the last 10 or so. The factual definition of gender before the very late 1990s in all REPUTABLE, RELIABLE high level INTELLIGENT PROPER ENGLISH dictionaries that were not corrupted by communists and socialists _(which is ALWAYS part of their strategy, see the quotes and the end of this post to see why which are indisputable)_ is this;

    1. To begat, give birth, to begin/start.
    2. Family / Kin.
    3. The word gender is used when one is English and learning a non-English language like Italian, Greek, Latin etc which the word “Gender” is used to determine the difference of nouns as they are declined with a Masculine, or Feminine or Neuter gender article.

    These are the hard concrete linguistic etymological facts of what the real definition for “Gender” in English is according to non-manipulated non-corrupted etymology and other other high level dictionaries before the English true definition was utterly corrupted and perverted by satanic sodomite psychologist Socialists and Communists from the late 1990s which was done so in collusion with the UN who arguably led the Orwellian style destruction of the true definition of this word “Gender” in English which began to be promoted after the late 1990s in the UK, Canada and USA, Australia, New Zealand and THERFORE this UTTERLY FALSE DEFINITION for ‘gender’ _(and other words like ‘trans-gender’)_ that was started around the late 1990s by the language hijackers and destroyers such as the UN + Communists and Socialists a.k.a. _(((them)))_ and i’m old enough to know better and see this IMMENSE MIND CONTROL ORWELLIAN-ESQUE LINGUISTIC DEGENERATION BY DELIBERATE DESIGN OF THE CULTURE CONTROLLERS. People are being intensely linguistically stupefied by design. English is being ‘socialized’ and/or ‘communized’ and/or ‘moronized’ and/or ‘imbecilized’, meaning it’s being purposely corrupted and perverted philologically/linguistically into a serious degenerated infantile/puerile form of barbarous broken English where it’s not even intelligent sound English nor really English anymore _(then again American English wasn’t really true English anyway)_ which is to cause confusion/chaos. Where English words don’t even have their etymological meanings any more, thus intelligent sound English is being deliberately deteriorated into a epsilon serf tongue of hybrid Far West American/Canadian/British vulgarism + inner city slang and colloquialisms/jargon + internet idiot ruptured English vernacular which can be called “Ingsocian” _(English socialism justice warrior braindead pseudo-English)_ a.k.a. ‘idiot-speak’/’fool-serf-speak’.

    If you are truly against the leftists, STOP assisting them / acquiescing to them by using certain English words they use in their *idiot false* definitions! Because if you use those certain English words in those corrupted & perverted definitions that you’ve been brainwashed to by the left.. then you’re not really against them, you are actually helping them further degrade, deteriorate, degenerate and destroy intelligent sound English which will only further cause the English language to fall deeper into disarray of confusion/chaos .. a ‘moronocracy’.

    If we do not allow ourselves to comprehend the real agenda afoot, to comprehend how the devils in power who are absolutely corrupt have gotten many in the last couple of decades to communicate with their idiot-English false definitions for certain words in English..we actually are helping to stupefy the English language, like a mix of something out of the movie “idiocracy” + nineteen eighty four + Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and thus English speakers especially will only continue to get deeper into the abyss of confusion of language… and once again, the quotes below PROVE THIS;

    *”The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.”* – Philip K Dick.

    *”As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: You liberate a city by destroying it. Words are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”* – Gore Vidal, Imperial America, 2004

    *”Political language…. is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give a appearance of solidity to pure wind.”* – George Orwell

    *”It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”* – NEF by George Orwell.

    *How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.”* – Samuel Adams

  • Zowie Fenderblast Bear

    There is an agenda to kick off a new great war. Pedo normality is one of the many facets contributing to it. What will be the final straw?

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    Why NOT TO USE ‘transgender’ / ‘trans-gender’ – If you use the word trans-gender, you are supporting diabolic falsely formed words _(breaking the rules of philology, which are the rules to how you actually properly form words in English)_ that 100% disregard the proper rules of language construction which is what Communists and Socialists do for the purpose to gradually make people more vocabulary definition stupid, which is part of the inventing of political definitions by the language hijackers and destroyers for their neologisms to strictly further destroy the proper order and definitions of words in intelligent English and the proper way to perform proper linguistic parsing,. Thus, it’s promoting the helping of spreading this evil agenda of American Socialist and Communist leftist dulled down infantile “stupid-speak”….which leads me to ask who’s side you on? Jesus never called them anything other than sodomites, man-pleasers, dogs, abominations etc, not Socialist barbarous hybridzed made up words like “Homo(s)-Sexual” _(which actually translates properly to “Erotic Male Same” [doesn’t make sense huh? Ask yourself why you’ve been told a lie that it’s supposed to mean ‘same sex lover’?])_ . Jesus righteously called them sodomites, dogs, reprobates, abominations etc doing so in non-hypocrisy, He didn’t dine with the Devil, He didn’t teach neither to capitulate to the Devil’s deliberately corrupted and perverted form of language. If you use the word “Trans-gender” and/or “Homo(s)-Sexualis” and/or any other Communist and/or Socialist corrupted word invention and definition, *you are basically capitulating to the promotion and spreading of the accelerated rise of the age of utter confusion and degeneration in language, a moroocracy if you will, you are basically helping the Communists and Socialists stupefy the language of intelligent English into ‘idiot-English’ a.k.a. “American Socialist English” which isn’t not true English, it’s a dialect of broken English **_(well it’s not even English anymore)_** deliberately styled to be something like Orwellian “Newspeak” which is what is necessary for the ultimate serf/plebiscite according to the top satanist king rulers of this earth.*

    This is why many folks on-line should *NOT* be producing videos or leaving comments on such things until they actually know what they are doing and spreading.. for in attempting to help… they only spread and cause more linguistic confusion aka chaos, therefore if they are interested to know, some of us are linguists in 2 of the languages that begat/gendered most of English _(which is Greek and Latin)_ , and if those wilfully woefully ignorant continue to use a politically motivated and invented Communist and/or Socialist and/or Marxist etc, philologically falsely formed words like “Trans-gender” and use “Gender” in a Communist and/or Socialist and/or Marxist etc, philologically falsely formed definition which has no relation to it’s true definition, you only continue to keep the lies alive and help the enemy. In essence you ARE helping the enemy while in your mind you believe you’re “FIGHTING” them. *The word is “sex” not “gender’ . The word is sodomite, reprobate, dogs, *confu-sexuals* _(“confused” + “sexual” > both words are derived from Latin as part of proper philology thus meaning = CONFUSED about their sex)_ NOT “trans” or “trans-gender”. The word is ABOMINATION, not “trans” or ‘trans-gender’. It wasn’t that long the word was ‘sex’ before the onslaught of this Commie and Socialist Marxist degenerate language that is fully political invention to degrade intelligent English for political expediency, not operational science and etymological and philological fact.

    The factual definition _(etymology)_ usage of “Trans” in intelligent English means “Going over, to pass over..” + and the factual definition _(etymology)_ usage of “Gender” in intelligent English means firstly “birth, begat, beginning” or secondly “Kin/Family Tribe” and the *only* other way “Gender” is used, is that it’s used in many non English languages as a grammatical way to properly discern and form words suffixes by difference of nouns as they are declined with a masculine, or feminine, or neuter article. In other words, WORDS are ‘gender’ specific, *NOT PEOPLE!* SEX IS PHYSICAL AND GENDER IS GRAMMATICAL!

    So when one uses the recent Communist & Socialist redefined politically invented and thus corrupted and perverted invented word “Trans-Gender” .. in essence you are stating *’going over, passing over + birth, begetting, or Kin/Family Tribe” or “going over, passing over + proper grammar conjugation of declension of nouns”. In other words, the FALSE meaning/definition being MIND-WASHED into so many now DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, because the word “trans-gender” is a falsely formed word _(like the barbarous hybridized linguistically inept word “Homo(s)-Sexualis”)_ which breaks language rules _(philology)_ in order to be formed. If such corrupted word inventions are given a political definition by sodo-ticians _(sodomite politicians who are Communists and/or Socialist Marxists etc)_ and mind-washed into the minds of dictionary illiterate people, then you can spread such brazen linguistic and intelletual falsehood so much easier which is what is happening to intelligent English, we are witnessing the utter stupefying / “stupidizing” of intelligent _(Biblical)_ proper English into Communist & Socialist satanic broken English. Those who are devil possessed and supremely deceived by the Devil to actually believe they are the opposite SEX NOT GENDER, they should be called what Jesus actually called them or you can call them ‘confu-sexuals’ which basically means;

    “Confused, out of order, confusedness, muddiness of thought/reasoning, mental & physical disarray etc.” about what sex they are.

    If one is using such politically corrupted false construction of words invented by Communists and Socialists who have coined philologically untenable barbarous hybridized composite words like trans-gender, they are already proving they’re linguistically inept an thus mind-controlled/mind-washed to communicate in Socialist ‘non-sense idiot communication’ / ”idionese’ / ‘Socialese’ / ‘Epsilonese’ and they are helping the synagogue of satan destroy intelligent English while in their immense intellectual disabled mentality, they are deceiving themselves they are helping provide solutions and supposedly exposing the enemy. Either learn real intelligent Biblical and/or proper English and stop spreading the made up word “Trans-Gender” and the word forming element “Trans” w/ an obvious made up definition which only naive gullible dictionary non-learned people would believe such things or by all means then… go on lying to oneself that one is well learned enough/intelligent enough experienced enough in life, well studied enough in life, well-read enough in life to make a video on it. Sigh.. such folks really are helping the enemy MUCH MORE than fighting them, it’s why the enemy LOVES to use fools to do their bidding.. for the fool doesn’t know he is when he’s a fool… and thus they make the best useful fools & tools.

    *_”As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: You liberate a city by destroying it. Words are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”_* —Gore Vidal, Imperial America, 2004

    *_”The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.”_* — Philip K Dick.

    *_”Political language…. is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give a appearance of solidity to pure wind.”_* — George Orwell

    *_”It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”_* — 1984 by George Orwell.

    *_”How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.”_* – Samuel Adams

  • Joyce Sutherland

    Thanks, Dan. I cried all the way thru this. Any normal person would. My son was sexually molested at age 2 at the daycare center on the Presidio of San Francisco. Yes, we were in the military!! As I was getting help for my child, I identified >150 victims. My son trusted us enough to tell us immediately, but we found families with 3-4 children & all of them had been molested. Some had STD’s. I went public, gave speeches, started support groups & in the process I became aware that this is a huge problem throughout the military. Lt Col Michael Aquino was using the center to take children to his SF home where he ritually abused & used MK Ultra on children. He’s the founder of a satanic church, the Temple of Set. He was, at that time, in charge of psychological warfare in the US Army. Once exposed, he & his wife, Lilith(stealer & harm -of small children) went on Oprah & other talk shows!! Of course those shows were not interested in having parents of abused children on. Our case was handled by the FBI & dealt with in federal court ~ the 9th circuit. Need I say more? Parents must be informed & vigilant. Allow your children to be young & innocent. Believe them. Make certain they trust you. What I’m seeing now is horrific. This is a result of social engineering & it’s being done on purpose. My entire life has been spent educating & supporting parents. This is everywhere. Children are not safe anywhere. Now, I see parents abusing their own children & getting away with it. The day we go silent & quit talking about this is the day our society dies. Again, Dan, I want to thank you for this, for speaking out. Its not easy. Pray for our children.
    Stand for our children. We are all they have. ??

  • Charles Patterson

    *Humans are extinct.* Sorry to be the one to tell you. America has degenerated into a laboratory for elites and *you* are the experiment! Don’t worry! “It’s Okay;” we got a permit – It’s a ‘Pilot program’ (this run) and all the big kids are playing this game. You do not need to know. Take a lollipop and a number. An ‘Expert’ will get to you ASAP and we will see that you are accommodated in due time…

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum

    The left has been pushing moral subjectivity for a long time. Its no wonder they normalize the abuse of children. They think that by raising kids in pedophilia rings they are changing the culture to be more accepting of such things. Will the kids grow up thinking its wrong still? Will they be the next generation of abusers?

  • Charlezard GG

    Anyone who selects a gender neutral identity for their child should have that child taken away! Absolutely Disgusting!!!!!

  • Cory Cory

    Kids are all messed up by design, just like everyone else. This Pedophilia and MAPS and NOMAPS is all a crock of sh*t, girls know and decide when they’re ready. No comment on the boys dressing like girls at night clubs.

  • Teresa Cochenour

    I know quit a few gay people and they are against transgender give gays a bad name . And these needs report sounds like child abuse.

  • Jackie Davenport

    Dan I think that it’s vitally important to stress anytime these issues come up that this is the AGENDA of the NWO! It has nothing to do with kindness or acceptance. It is about THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY!!

  • Charles Patterson

    If you thought that taking the Mother out of the Nuclear Family was the final act- you have another thing coming! We are going to “put the kids to work” now! You WILL COMPLY…

  • Jule LB

    great one Dan. Its hard not to get teared up a little. thanks for what you do. It is appreciated happy new year and all that

  • Mohammad Was A PEDOPHILE

    Shared. By far,The most organized group,The biggest group systematically sexualizing young children is ISLAM.

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