Silver Is Ready For TAKEOFF! – Is THIS A Bull Market?

Josh Sigurdson talks with Greg Crowe of Silver One Resources about the incredibly bullish climate for gold and silver, especially silver.
For years, we saw an artificially propped up stock market and now we are seeing the stock market take a tumble. The volatility is out of control and all the while we are seeing a historic form of wealth insurance begin to climb. For 60 days straight silver has been climbing and considering the gold/silver ratio we could be seeing a bull market on the near horizon.
Let’s remember that silver can be used in countless electronics. Even if the future is digital, that digital technology will very likely utilize silver. The film industry also uses silver in silver nitrite film. It’s used in manufacturing and we obviously cannot forget jewelry.
Silver has both industrial and precious quality to it which is why it stands out above so many other commodities and if we take a glimpse back at history it’s one of the most prevalent forms of money and wealth insurance. It’s scarce, has great forms of use and as always, is in demand.
Mr. Crowe explains why we may be entering a bullish market and talks about his company Silver One Resources (which trades in Canada as SVE and in the United States as SLVRF) as the company’s cheap valuation could lead to big gains in the near future as silver returns to a potential major buy. His mining operations are drawing a lot of attention, including by people like Keith Neumeyer who has earned the title of “Mr. Silver” and has started a billion dollar silver conglomerate. Clearly a vote of confidence!
Mr. Crowe explains the future of the mining operation in Nevada and why people should consider looking at the company going forward.
Do your due diligence people! We love to present you with ideas, but this is not investment advice, it’s simply information that can lead you to make your own decisions.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Greg Crowe
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Matt ward

    love those Silver Maple Leaf coins!!! hope its worth stacking again!! No one knows where to put money anymore!!! Forget stocks, that run is probably over!

  • Carl James

    r u guys shilling or just on one? silver is capping right now and ready for pullback .. after considering the fear-mongering thumbnails that repetitiously never come true and the length of the videos unsubbing too ez . guys never admit you are wrong

  • just man

    Any economy is like a fruit tree. And any economy can be profitable only until a certain time. For example, in fact, almost all fruit trees bear fruit only for about two months, and they can no longer bear fruit for the remaining ten months of the year. Same story with the economy.

    For example, take a grape tree as a sample. Within two months you collect grapes. You sell one serving fresh, from the other you produce juice, raisins, vinegar and wine to sell them within ten months before the next harvest.

    But this natural formula cannot work perfectly all the time because of us, society and nature.

    So basically there are two types of economy.

    The first economy is natural. When agriculture, trade and industry depend on
    bad and good relationships with oneself, as well as with the conditions of nature. In this economy, the pricing of goods occurs in accordance with the circumstances.

    The second economy is artificial. This economy sooner or later emerges from the natural economy, when people start to get excessive profits. The pricing process for goods becomes an attempt by society to impose its will through banks, stock markets and government bonds. Interest rates should be relatively stable. Or in another case, it becomes the main cause of unrest and war. This economy is another attempt not to pay much attention to bad and good relationships with ourselves. And it requires a lot of hope that nature will be relatively favorable.

    The first, that is the natural economy, strongly depends on rains.

    The second type, that is, artificial economy, depends on how long people want to deceive each other. But such an economy cannot last long and has a very short period of existence, as is known historically. No one knows the exact time of the global financial catastrophe.


    And even to materialists and atheists it becomes obvious that the spirit of the inevitable and final collapse and death of this very familiar world is in the air.

    The collapse of an artificial economy, that is, banks, stock markets and government bonds, will occur somewhere slowly and then so quickly that the crisis will instantly cover almost the entire world.

    The current economy is like a cart that has been pushed hard and which
    moving by inertia to stop somewhere. Or a plane that has run out of fuel, and it flies down to collide with the ground.

    As for gold, many people think that gold will be a guarantee in the event of a crisis.

    But actually it is not. Despite the fact that gold is very beautiful and eternal metal. But do not forget that we and everything connected with us, also forever. Just for a while, almost everything that exists disintegrates into particles in order to be re-assembled into its former form.

    The value of gold is determined by the current state of the community or by how well the economy of this society flourishes. And for this reason, gold apart from the economy in itself does not represent anything of value.

    Currently, each community has become part of the global community. And accordingly, the value of gold is determined by the world position of all people and their success in the economy.

    And what is happening at the moment in the world? First of all, the wealth of the world economy, especially of the Western type, decreases so rapidly that the value of gold, respectively, rapidly decreases, and no measures will change the current and future hopeless situation in the global economy. Although short-term climbs will take place. But this will only happen for a very short time.

    Woe to the one who thinks that gold will save his life when the universal order of things collapses.

    People throw the last reserves to save the situation. When stocks, that is, when stocks of gold and currency are exhausted, great tribulation will begin.

    Therefore, very soon the gold will lie on the street, since the gold will no longer cost a cent. This is the future that is rapidly approaching. And we will not have to wait long for such times.

    We now turn to the natural or real economy. The natural economy can continue without gasoline or without electricity. But! Without rain and without water, natural economy cannot work.

    Very soon, historically unprecedented drought will come to the whole world. Then there will be such a strong famine throughout the world that people will devour the corpses of other people. All the achievements of humanity, accumulated in the form of science and wealth, will be completely useless and will disappear. And, at least, if you rely on reliable data, every 9 out of 10 people will die, and the surviving people will open a new era in human history.

    And who will survive? Liars, haughty and greedy will be exterminated. The truthful, meek and generous will inherit the world.

  • MichihiroHonda

    Sorry but we’ve been hearing the exact same nonsense for years regarding silver and gold going to breakout. As soon as the price attempts to break out it’ll be smacked right back down again. I don’t see the price rigging ending any time soon. This guy sells silver coins for a living so if course his opinion is compromised.

  • kieran franey

    I’cant buy anymore silver because I’m sick of digging holes to put it in, not leaving it with the bank to look after for me.

  • J White

    It will be a bull market when JP Morgan decides it will be a bull market. They’ve manipulated it heavily downward as they’ve accumulated physical, you can bet your life they’ll let silver discover it’s true price (easily triple digits) when they’re ready to sell

  • Nikk K

    once silver breaks out its major resistance between $20 $22 the long term trend, is still sideways to down … currently at $15.62

  • AHR 12

    So Kieth Neumeyer opened First Mining . He is selling assets which he said he would not do and devaluing that stock. He sold one of those assets to Silver
    One. And if the asset was good he would have kept it right ? IMO Neumyer will do anything for a dime.He probably was getting the stock from Silver one mining at a low price as part of the deal for the asset sale and is invested so he can ride it up and when it goes up he can sell all his shares , devalue it, and leave investors holding the bag. There are better silver/gold stocks out there. Please Josh stop pushing stocks you know nothing about. You will screw your subscribers.

  • wayne mcclory

    This is the BEST time in History to Be owning precious Metals ! Gold and Silver are about to rise to the Highest level in History. As this current economic recession continues it will drive Gold and other PRECIOUS metals to new highs. The value of precious metals Will rise to UN imaginable levels. Experts believe Gold will reach $25,000 per oz and Silver will exceed $ 5,000 per oz. remember the manufacture of solar panels ties up %15 percent of the Annually mined silver. This silver used in the panel is on the roof for over 30 years. So this helps us to understand how Silver becomes rare very quickly. ????????

  • Sharon Meadows

    When Deutsche Bank go bang and the EU fails I’m hoping silver goes up big time or will we have to wait for the central banking system to fail, shouldn’t be long either way.

  • Xathros

    the thing about silver and that it’s also industrial demand that’s driving silver prices is the simple fact, as we will hit a recession eventually, silver prices will collapse due to less demand.

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