The TRUTH About Unemployment & The Coming CRISIS In The U.S.A.

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen (who in this video is terribly framed by the way) about the truth about unemployment in the United States despite manipulated job numbers. Much of the unemployment rate in the United States is hidden in the labor force participation rate as the unemployed magically lose the title of unemployed after a certain amount of time without looking for a job.
People are praising the job numbers under Trump, but let’s be real, it’s not his fault. This is a problem of the monetary system and the overall bureaucratic market manipulation, regulations, taxes and bank spoofing. It has been working towards a climax for a long time, propped up and pushed off longer and longer making the problem worse.
There is a major surge in construction industry layoffs right now as the housing bubble comes to its inevitable end. Jobless claims have jumped 10k from 221k to 231k which is the highest since November as the US economy continues to teeter off.
And the most absurd statement of the month goes to Larry Kudlow who just said he guarantees there is no recession in sight. Something tells us he’s going to eat those words. It’s very reminiscent of what we heard from Keyenes in the 1920s, Bernanke and Krugman in the 2000s leading up to the 2008 crash and just recently Janet Yellen who claimed we will not see a financial crisis in our lifetime which she then went back on and said that we may see one soon. She had to cover her tracks of course.
The point is, this is all inevitable when markets and currencies across the board get propped up by the Federal Reserve and market speculation and are then met with a loss of faith. History can tell us a thing or two about that.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story closely!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Vladimir Tess

    I always thought this is a fear porn. But seeing how many New Mainstream Media talking about his, I am beginning to reconsider.

  • Zelda Thomas

    Do you overstand about PREPARE FOR A CRISIS……???‍♀️ Now when you are trying to OUT SMART YOUR ENEMY what do you tell him in order to get the job DONE……????

  • Ismar Didic

    In USA one month guverment created 120 000 jobs an go down others month they created 320 000 jobs un go up Il love fucking guverment statistique ????

  • jim

    politicians have absolutley nothing whatsoever to do with job creation….the only time jobs happen is when the fucking government get out of the way and let people get on with the business of living…all government is fraud and extortion

  • 100% Drunk

    New Zealand puts Unemployed on “courses” which are funded by the government, but they take them off the unemployment numbers!

  • Jānis Rišis

    These jobs are for those who nobody wants to do or they haw no skills for a job what the employer wants to give you., many reasons.

  • Daneleemusic

    Hey, man! You are utterly intolerable in your obvious need to be believed. Telling viewers to “have some self respect…” and other bull ?. We are well aware of the fact that in this overly sensitized economy perception is often reality, which is what causes people to blow you types of manipulative speculators off more and more often as well as more succinctly. You also keep attacking people for supporting Trump, and that is never going to make you appear anything but desperate to sell your narrative. You types of speculators have been wrong more often than a broken clock, and just because somewhere in the neighborhood of every 8 to 18 years your catastrophic computations come true and specific sectors and markets are shown to have crashed the entire economy, doesn’t mean you are suddenly some kind of financial wizard. You might want to tone down the spastic rhetoric just a tad. Totally done with this video, and now you again for another couple of months. None of your videos have ever altered my, what has proven to be a spot-on, perspective…over and over again. Good day to you.

  • ikm64

    You don’t believe in government!. Sorry guys but there’s dumb and then there’s just madness. Now making a statement on the lines of “I believe in limited government” I can buy into 100%…But we don’t believe in government?. What happens when you come across someone that doesn’t like to play by anyone’s rules?. Who are you gonna call…Goast Busters.

  • klobasa007007

    I went trough 4 jobs in past 2 years….i really hate working for minimal wage and being in debt 10 years for a decent car and 40 for house/apartement…..its f*cking bullshit.

  • Mich W

    I support trump but I don’t buy it when he talks about the “strong” economy, it’s all a lie, we will all know the truth sooner rather than later

  • Kody Cooper

    why would you talk about construction in the winter my dad worked in roofing for 20 years and jobs in construction work slows in the winter every year so if you not a top worker and they have to lay some people off or go under thats small bissness pratice i have known many small bissness owner to do this. you should pick a better job market section. dont trust what yourr saying for that reason. and realastate on the east and west coast is bad fly over states much cheaper and yes because republicns exaimple kenntucky very stable state.

  • magnus4g63

    We know how the people of Argentina ruined their country. We know how the people of Venezuela ruined their country. Few Americans know much about the history of Argentina or Venezuela. But if they wish to know how the people of the USA are ruining their own country, all they have to do is look around themselves, including, in most cases, looking in the mirror.

    Robert Higgs

  • driverx 36158

    Just like the inflation rate of 2 % Food went up 450% look at health care Rents Rents have tripled , Cant live today off the wages you get even with a miniscule rise in incomes.Look at the debt that will never get paid?  Now the Fed has to KEEP EASY MONEY and start QE again Bitcoin and Bitchiute are good starts but we need NO GOVERNMENT and Military tribunals to Lock up the Crooks who brought us to NILL

  • driverx 36158

    Ask yourself WAHT JOBS ?  Service?  Mcdonalds…The last Report it was all 55 and Older workers that returned to the labor force because they cant afford to retire

  • driverx 36158

    Everytime I watch your video s I will thumbs down because of he advertisements and I will not watch the whole video.  I am sick of people like you Catering to JEWTUBE so they can profit off YOUI am and will be DUMPING JEWTUBE and going Blockchain Bitchute and Steamit

  • TheLWebb100

    I can barely get entry level I.T. jobs nowadays because there’s so much competition. Even call center jobs have long recruitment processes like a phone interview, drug test, in person interview, and reference check.

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