Tim Pools Important WARNING To YOU & Jack Dorsey Twitter

Tim Pools Important Warning and Message To Jack Dorsey Twitter

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  • Silverio Rebelo

    one decisive point missing in thsi talk: the CEO’s running those social media want people to radicalize. In fact, they are extreme-leftists at the service of the globalist elite and want incucalte into the mainstream the insane ideologies promoted by the modern progressivism

  • tyler durden

    when I get off of social media for a while.. then come back.. people sound like it’s the end of the world because they’re banned off of social media.. it actually sounds pretty stupid now that I listen to it imo 😁

  • Vaccines are Poison

    I keep seeing the odd adverts on this channels videos Israel is never spoken of in a bad ( EVEN IF TRUE) light I’m concerned that he has been told to tell half truths yellow vests nothing
    Iran nothing
    This is stuff we have heard from him and others ages ago and this is an ego fest that you don’t get because you are immune
    Good try at exposure but not sure what the point of this was for
    Why is he not asking you the same questions
    Oh wolf mug advert mis interview

  • Kilo

    It’s not just in the USA. Every western country has it’s populist and conservative voices silenced. It’s the big push from the world elite to drive a globalism dagger in the heart of the west. Look around, most have already fallen. The rest are just staggering around in a soy induced coma. Revolution is coming.

  • J M

    I quit watching Tim. When you dirve in the middle, you’re just in everyone’s way & when there’s proof the “conspiracy” is real, I don’t think he’ll allow himself to see it. Propaganda experiments done by the Tavistock Institute started in UK around 1900 under the Crown’s Secret Service. Many famous authors contributed. These people are evil. They kept WWI going to see how many lives it would take until the people quit supporting it. Then they rolled into TV and funded PBS here in the US. Tavistock & other “think tanks” led to social media and are controlled by the same people/families now. Make sense. People need to wake up.

  • jkr1293

    I definitely think more community based places are less combative but big cities are definitely filled with people who will attack you for your beliefs. Chicago is pretty aggressive when it comes to politics however small places outside could care less. Every time I’m in Chicago people are in your face about politics even if your not wearing or talking politics. Social media gives them a chance to act that way online and in person. It’s sad to see. I’m so glad I never got wrapped up in that stuff and got out early bc I saw what it was trying to do

  • Samual Francisco

    This is not a new thing. Just look at the history of Gutenberg inventing movable type. The royals in most of Europe and the church fought it’s results as much as possible because it threatened thier monopoly on the printed word. The founding fathers knew this and that’s why the first amendment is the first because it is the most important.

  • 1Better J5

    *_Anyone else know/see their Comments being deleted/removed_*_ (too)?_ … maybe it (my previous msg about SNL skit) was hidden/moved down – for some stupid reason … so AGAIN: ~2:56 re: *_famous on Twitter = being at the the popular table, at a mental ward, during school lunch_* <= would be a great SNL skit ... _if they were in the Comedy Business_ ... also: there's some gross-insane multi-faceted attack on Humanity/just-being-HUeMAN: soc-media ...&... (also) Comedy: they've destroyed it _(<= used thru History to help keep things/ppl in check ... but not any longer - now! )_

  • David E. Burden

    What do I think Luke?
    I think that I don’t use any of the “Social Media” platforms. Unless You Tube videos are considered “Social Media”, and I get along just fine. I don’t hate anyone, (with the possible exceptions of crooked governments and crooked cops, and I detest Pedophiles), and I could not care less if anyone likes what I have to say.
    Just look for me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other “Social Media”. You’ll be wasting your time of course, because I’m not there, but go ahead and look if you have the time to waste. Hell, I don’t even own a smart phone. Never have, and never intend to.
    Just shut off those accounts folks, you will soon be glad you did.

  • anna osentoski

    Sociopathic idiot world we live in. Ppl have got crazy.
    Too much CHEMTRAIL inhailation, too much GMOS injested, too much poisoned water and poolside !
    This world has gone insane.

  • Chris Franco

    BLM is playing the victim card they’ve never faces real slavery. It’s a slap in the face to people that actually faced slavery and fought for your freedom. Every color faced slavery at some point but in present day America no one is a true slave by definition, we may be slaves to money which is nothing new.

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