U.S Economy Dow Plummets, Whats Next For U.S Empire

U.S Economy Dow Plummets, What’s Next For U.S Empire

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  • Aurora Anna Therion

    Massive Shift. For sure. So many distractions people don’t know what’s really going on. Smoke and mirrors. Feels like the Red Horse of Revelations. We are in it to Win it. To bad people don’t know that there is a higher manner of things overseeing this planet. Kali Yuga is over.

  • Gus Althorp

    They’re pumping Infinite amounts of money into the Stock Market to keep it at afloat. In the form of Monetary Methadone. The next Economic Crisis will Be worse then The 2008 Economic Recession. And will be far worse Then the great Depression .
    They’re delaying the crash thus making the Crash far worse. The Reset is in motion..

  • Grant Jarvis

    Crypto currency is just another form of currency. If the grocery accepts crypto, if the landlord accepts crypto then ok. If they accept cash only then you have to cash out crypto – which many will have to do creating a plummet in crypto. Crypto may escape any economic but will depend on how many people/businesses accept crypto.

  • Roo63

    Israel behind Everything? Luke, over here in England. We get Free postage & packaging from China, when we buy something. It costs a bloody fortune to buy something from the USA.
    Good video, Luke. Best wishes.

  • Shadow Master

    One thing i learned, the U.S is a consumer and wasteful society, the Chinese will endure anything self sacrifice, and their culture is communal life. They will endure this on white rice and green tea, if they have to.

  • Shadow Master

    Lets us not forget trump family made their money on real state, not on international diplomacy, so yall trumpist trumptard, keep hitting your heads with a brick wall, by the way where is that beautiful concrete southern wall, that mexico was going to pay for it, as promised😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😃

  • Amanda Simmons

    What would be cheaper than a concrete wall and more effective is a radioactive border because if you dig a tunnel underneath it you get radiation sickness and die in 4 days just like trying to walk through it. Put one up on the Canadian border too,we’re all stocked up on Somalian terrorists.

  • RC15O5

    This is an economic war. Ever played the video game Victoria 2? Any economic change is going to immediately cause major negative but if you have a strong base you can recover with ease after a week or two, or quicker if you are that economically powerful. USA is powerful, just hold on. The only way a country like ours can collapse is not from the outside, but imaide decay and rot, just like the Roman Empire and all three times the Empire fell (476/480, 1204, 1453). Stay strong and fight against divisive outsider influence, remember our sacred foundations and the light they stand for for all of humankind.

  • Vaccines are Poison

    American empire? Did u actually say that in the context it sounded? Thought America was a country hmm 🤔 Freudian slip

  • Migfra Danmark

    The silence from this channel about US threats about Iran is strange. Why isnt he talking about the main problem in the world which is USA-israel-Saudi arabia. They are the ones who make sure we never will get peace on earth until its over. Watch TruNews or Know More News also so you know what this guy isnt talking about.

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