“A Future World Government Will DESTROY Canada” Maxime Bernier Finally LISTENS To Dan Dicks!

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Maxime Bernier took a trip down the rabbit hole! Last year Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviewed the leader of Canada’s newest political party “The People’s Party of Canada” Maxime Bernier and questioned him if there was a deep state or secret government here in Canada pushing for a world government and he laughed that off and simply said No, I don’t believe that! Fast forward to January 8th 2019 and he seems to have changed his tune as now he is tweeting “A Future World Government Will Destroy Canada”. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how by constantly planting “truth seeds” the odds are that someday somewhere one of them will gain root and sprout into a mighty oak and become incredibly powerful and influential in society. Maxime Bernier appears to have just entered the rabbit hole….let’s guide him through it shall we?

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About The Author


  • Jessie Czako

    I love Max! He’s such a humble genuine guy. I honestly think he wasn’t aware of the term ” deep state” and likely wasn’t aware that this is going on as he’s not in the inner circle.

    His facial expressions and body language all suggested complete surprise and ignorance of this topic.

    Further, as a man of integrity whose platform is completely geared toward the people, I also believe that although he wasn’t privvy to it then, he is now, and he is sounding the alarm. No one in govt besides Max is talking about it. Certainly not Dimples who was very much in favor of the Paris Accord and whipped his party MPs to vote yes on it. And this is a man who claims he’s going to scrap carbon tax the min he’s elected! Isnt that contrary to why he voted up on it? Yea, go figure! Another liar!

    Now that it’s out on the open we’ll separate the wheat from chaff and see who the real standup parliamentarians are. By the time we go to the voting booths we should unequivocally know who the those person is that has our backs and it sure as hell doesn’t include Trudeau or . . .

    Maybe, just maybe, this is what we’ll need to swing the Scheer votes over to Max.

    Don’t let your heart guide you. Do your homework! And don’t listen to the left wing ideology unless if you wanna be brainwashed.

  • Kevin Macleod

    Good video Dan. Cracks me up how Bernier acts like he doesn’t even know what a deep state is, but after you explain it, he quickly says “no!”. Lol. Ok

  • 1videofiend

    1) Good for you Dan, for getting that sit-down with Max.
    2) Glad to hear that Max is following you on twitter
    3) Always remember…..discretion is the better part of valour Dan…. Are you truly helping a cause, larger than yourself?
    Or are you grunting, pounding yourself on the chest…and DESTROYING the very gains you sought to make …due to the frailty of EGO?
    4) Exactly WHO, so you think is WATCHING this upload, my bearded brethren?…

  • trop68

    Iv just discovered this channel today. Are you ever going to call out Israel and Zionism for what they are? They are behind it all. There will be a one world government run from Jerusalem as soon as the 3rd temple is built. Its Jewish end time prophecy that the Jews will run the world and the goyim will serve them. They have started to build it now and the UN is being slowly dismantled. Iv scrolled through months of your vids and not once have you mentioned Jews, Israel or Zionists. You seem to be another gatekeeper. I wont be subbing if you are going to spread disinfo and point people in the wrong direction.

  • Wade Anderson


    Sovereign debt: Borrow as much money as possible from World Banks and give it to Foreign Aid. Make sure next to nothing is being put back into Canadian infrastructure. Raise Taxes (Carbon Tax) to shut down small businesses and discourage growth.

    Shut down industries ( Bombardier, General Motors, Boeing, pipe line, 70% of oil and gas sector, sell oil lower than Productions cost so no profits are made as some examples). This will allow goverment to spend more money by supporting good people out of work & stop money going back into the system. Flood migrants into Canada who refuse to work, have multiple wives and over a dozen kids all on welfare as a sole purpose to drain the economy “100% coverage”. The housing bubble is about to crash. They plan to bail out banks when it soon crashes. With industries shutting down, migrants flooding the country, & Canada borrowing billions to only give away, and bailouts just around the corner, Canada is landing right into the hands of the world bank’s for “Sovereign Debt” and their Puppet is Justin Trudeau. This means there is more going out then coming in and that makes the dollor drop. Soon we will NOT be able to make the interest payments and world banks will collect the land, the people and its infrastructure through Sovereign Debt with the use of U.N troops LEAGALLY. This is how they Legally plan to collect Canada. This is the real reason for Soros and the uprising of migrants for the sole use of collapsing the economy in multiple countries and for World Banks to collect for New World Order agenda Legally. Justin Trudeau is shutting down the Canadian economy for World Banks to take over with Debt Collection. YOU care for Canada? Then make sure so everyone knows this. Knowledge is the first step in stopping this. SHARE!.

  • Larry

    the problem is vote max and not enough people know him, so that would split the vote and Trudeau could get back in. so what to do.

  • L. J. W.

    Great to finally have someone listening. Good work Dan, for letting him know, making him see, and he seems to understand.

  • nitrofreakmanho

    This is excellent news Dan! I’m so nice to see a Canadian politician that may actually care about his country and countrymen. Time will tell what Maxime will bring..one thing for sure, JESUIT TURDEAU MUST GO!!

  • M D

    Keep on eye on Maxime Bernier’s eyes, they should get squintier like trumps did if they take him over…santilli lense used to observe him might be a good idea too. GREAT VIDEO MR DICKS!

  • Mike Freeman

    I found out about the Bilderberg Group conspiracy against us about 12 years ago. I even made some Truth groups on FB exposing them to many thousands of members but my truth groups were eventually censored off of Facebook after my FB profile was hacked by the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) for exposing the conspiring Jewish problem that has been at the core of our problems all through history. If you look into the list of members you will all see the Bilderberg Group is full of conspiring elite Jewish scum that run the private banking, media, etc… The Bilderberg Group is the definition of a real conspiracy.
    I hope Maxime Bernier is truly waking up and loyal to Canadians 1st. He needs
    expose Justin Traitor Trudeau. And then if he becomes PM he needs to
    jail Trudeau and others for conspiracy and treason charges. He would
    have the support from millions of Canadians and be remembered forever as the hero who saved Canada from destruction.

  • caterpod

    I liked Maxine until now…. he is either a moron or a tool… take your pick…. so much for changing your lot through a political process…. yellow vest is your ONLY alternative… get rid of the Rothschild led tapeworms that are masquerading as your well wishers….


    SAVE Canadians from Just-in Fidel Trudeau!
    They Want to legalize b e h e a d i n g, r a p e and murderous c h i l d a b u s e with Sharia

  • Kelly Wolfe

    Don’t be fooled.. Maxime hangs out with the KOCH BROTHERS … the most politically influential people In CANADA… Dan …. you are way smarter than that

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