Have We Reached The Point Of No Return?

With the latest developments in the UAE and very public escalation are we finally at the point of no return?

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  • soulvendorlol

    Start buying land in south america and start planting your food. It is inevitable, you are very naive if you think otherwise.

  • The Ministry of Money

    Storm in a teacup. The definition of melodrama. Don’t forget the “hellfire” rhetoric with NK 12 months ago. I hope you all are enjoying the show! Who did cue say was last on the list?

  • Dane Richards

    It was bush and Obama who sent forces to the middle east to start with and their here in America now we should have kick every Muslim out when 911attacks happened

  • boris Odor

    Iran eint shit.
    They know it.
    This is why they want to attack them.
    Wtf does Iran have? Peanuts to the weapon we have

  • Der Schläferhund

    omg yesterday i commented.
    wait for the false flag.
    and here it fkn is. omfg stop now america will break on iran. omfg.

  • Bob Smithers

    Economic Warfare is also known as blockade is an act of War. Ask Japan about World War II. Is real can, DC is evil

  • Mr Crow

    Plz dont kill the iranians, they are innocent, still trying to build a damaged country out of Iran-Iraq war and the revolution without any help of outside.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    We are not going to war with iran, the jew is, they are just going to use our military, and resources to do it.
    The united states, lapdog of isreal

  • Civilized And Intelligent

    Luke, you’re a joke! Skating around the truth. Afraid of the word “jew” Luke? How about PNAC pre-911? Protest till the cows come home. Bottom line is this Luke, there will never be peace on earth, until the cancer called white people go back to hell, where they were conceived. Killing, stealing and sadistic annihilation is permanently hard wired into caucasian DNA, as history testifies.

  • Billy TheKidder

    Where da zionist shills at?

    Fun fact: auto correct won’t let you not capitalize zionist, even though it shouldn’t be. I had to backdoor it just to trick it.

  • Kelly Clover

    Trump wants war to divert attention away from his crimes! The military-industrial complex wants war because they make huge profits from it.

  • Lee Johnson

    🤔 probably has something to due with the Israeli influence on the American military industrial complex.

  • Dan O'Connell

    “They will “allow” a major strike to America from either Russia or China proxy/surrogates and will achieve the population reduction “they” have been having wet dreams over for three decades…coming to fruition.  That will be their new 9/11/Gulf of Tonkin/Pearl Harbor/Havana Harbor (remember the Maine!)  Remember to get under a table or bed and tell your kids to get under their desks at school when the sirens sound!  And although they have now made the drafting of everyone AOK (including gays and women) get down there and sign up…the Deep State/Globalists are relying on you to show up…

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