How To Unify The Liberty Movement & Create A Voluntary Society with Adam Kokesh

Josh Sigurdson talks with Adam Kokesh over Skype regarding a recent article he posted on about a new Dallas Accord within the Libertarian Party.
Adam breaks down the divisiveness within the liberty movement as people become overly passionate to the point where they snap at people for the slightest disagreements. Of course there is divide in every movement, especially political movements, but the liberty movement tends to take the cake!
Despite the unifying message, people even fought with each other and called out Adam Kokesh ON THE THREAD below the post! If we want to bring the movement together and actually benefit from the freedoms we believe in, we need to start talking with each other more and not getting so easily triggered over disagreements.

Adam Kokesh is of course running for President in 2020 and has been preparing already for quite some time. He is working towards winning the nomination and gaining enough ground for the election itself. As he says, there’s nothing more selfish than saying “I want to be President!” but as he says, his goal is to end the Federal government and give individuals the right to rule themselves and if they still wish to be governed, they have that right, as long as they don’t coerce other people to be governed by their collective.

From Gary Johnson’s 3.4% in the past election, Adam says there’s no doubt he can get to the debate stage due to legal ground the Libertarian Party has already made. This should lead to being able to possibly get far more than 3.4% in the next election and spread vast amounts of information. The message of individual liberty will grow with this run.

Voluntaryism may well be the only ideology that doesn’t collectively enforce the will of so-called free individuals. While communists and conservatives, progressives and socialists, fascists and centrists debate how people should be enslaved to their ideology, voluntaryists are just trying to get along with individuals and just want to be left alone by collectives they haven’t signed onto via the private contract. This is by far the most peaceful ideology. Society doesn’t crumble. Chaos doesn’t ensure. The non-aggression principle promises to create a harmony we have never seen thus far.

Adam’s ideas are admirable and we certainly hope more people listen!

You can get involved in Adam’s cross country “Taxation Is Theft” tour by visiting or buy his book by visiting!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Adam Kokesh
Josh Sigurdson

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  • Victoria Laidlaw

    Constitution states that Congress is only allowed to print money or issue credit not Rothschild who overrides this illegally via the fed reserve

  • fulltimegeek

    I believe Adam Kokesh abandoned *STEEMIT* in the summer of 2016 b/c I kept asking him about whistleblower Donald Marshall and his accusation that Adam is a *FBI/RUSSIAN DOUBLE AGENT*

    Josh, please ask him about Donald Marshall b/c he doesn’t reply to me. THANKS!

  • BenJamin Croft

    “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi

  • Orion Rising

    Off topic here- I was watching one of your earlier videos questioning Morneau on why Canada has sold all its gold. I haven’t seen the answer on this channel, so I did some searching. It seems Canada got rid of all its gold because in late 1991 bill c-19 passed, allowing Canadian banks to have ZERO reserves. We don’t do fractional reserve lending. We DON’T HAVE RESERVES.

  • Julian Terris

    I think the one and only legitimate reason for a libertarian president to obtain power is to disassemble the federal reserve banking system. Unless you cut the cord from the federal reserve bank there will *never* be a “free-market” The “state” is the political arm of the federal reserve banking system -and it’s the basis of our corporatist culture.

  • Jan G.

    What is this fetish everywhere for ‘unity’? I prefer the freedom of each person or group of persons do do their own thing by their own lights. Unity is just another version of ‘my way or the highway’. That attitude is poison. Do your own thing and respect the right of others to do theirs. Or as Crazy Horse & Co would do, invite like minded persons to join you in your project or cause but don’t try to tell anyone to do things your way or bad mouth them if they don’t.

  • Steve Ryan

    Good discussion, guys! I had a comment to make about the minarchist vs. anarchist divide but it’s probably too divisive to post in a thread about bridging the divide, so I leave it for another place.

  • burdickd2

    If your movement is that volitile, then you’ll collapse. Liberatians just can’t pull your platform together because you are not united. I belong to the Green Party and we’re on the otherside, with similar problems.

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