PROOF: The Syria “Withdrawal” Plan Was A Ruse For MORE War!

On Wednesday December 19th President Trump declared that ISIS was defeated in Syria…his only reason for being there during the Trump administration. But is this just history repeating itself where a puppet president grandstands and makes claims that may or may not be true? Indeed the neocons who surround Trump are all questioning the Syria withdraw plan with even his own national security advisor John Bolton contradicting the president saying that a Syrian withdraw hinges on the safety of the Kurds. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth reports on the Syrian withdraw flip flop as the deep state are now causing a complete 180 on Trump’s call to withdraw all US troops from Syria. Dan also airs a previous PFT report that has apparently fallen on deaf ears titled “We Are ISIS, Here’s The Proof!”

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  • Robert Fisch

    Trump says we defeted Isis ?
    How can that be true when were the ones giving Isis weapons to remove Al Assad. ?
    Are we fighting them OR helping them. ??
    Make up your mind !!!

  • zedxxx9

    Oh for gosh sakes. Start following Q, learn “The Plan” and get with the program. If you think Trump is a Deep State puppet then you don’t have your finger on the pulse of anything and you’re just an alarmist. We already know that the Obama administration betrayed us and created ISIS with the CIA along with other acts of treason. That’s why there are military tribunals underway….

  • Star Dust

    IRAN is the enemy . can’t you tell when they shout kill Israel, kill America..CIA created ISIS and Saudi wants to get rip IRAN

  • Victoria Francois

    And who’s behind it ,,,Israel, and who’s going to kill most of us in the next 5 years thru 5g ,,Israel and they won’t be getting it just the goyim ,wake up people most will die

  • Militans Deo

    Dude you are so far out of base and if this was a game of baseball and you were part of the team, you probably still be inside the garage in your house getting ready to go to the stadium, while your teammates would be playing the game already.

  • Bob Spelledeitherway

    how can you tell when a politician is lying ?
    well, their lips are moving, what makes that joke funny is, that its true
    logically, that should obliviate , the illusion of the two party system
    and wake you to the fact, its we the people, against the government./deep state/shallow state THE government.

  • Lonely Noodle

    Clinton was the Satanist candidate while Trump was the Zionist candidate. We dodged a bullet only to run into another one. Nothing changes, everything is the same.

  • Baby huge mouth

    Nothing has just one course.
    One day America will pay for everything!
    Nation of criminals who kill their own people!
    And you are just as guilty for letting all this happen!

  • John Loeffler

    ALL politicians are working for the same bosses (i.e. Rothschild and Rockefeller families),
    and it is NOT the general public!

  • Gloria Jean

    Yes ISIS was a creation of the CIA. Everyone knows that. ITS OLD NEWS. (The deep state and ISIS are linked, AND John McCain is a traitor.) Being in Syria is an illegal occupation. that is why Trump is pulling our troops out. Your information is screwed up. Saudia Arabia (The old guard) funded ISIS along with the CIA and MOSSAD. This was all under the Obama/Bush Administration. Your information is very OLD NEWS. So how are you connecting any of this to Donald Trump who is destroying the deep state and ISIS and going after the FED? Don’t you know all these wars are created by the BANKSTER ELITE?

  • Ipso Facto

    Putin said when Trump first announced it that they were not withdrawing. People need to listen to President Putin, because on the world stage, he is the only one being honest with people, he is one of the few who have a soul, the rest are terrorist demons. Trump is no better than a sick animal that needs to be put down.

  • LookattheBiggerPic

    The Presidents of the US have all been puppet figures, talking heads really and now a Clown to annoy the shite out of the Left – this has been the case for quite some time – Certainly Eisenhauer made this Very clear in his exit speech but I think that this has been the case since Lincoln… America is, in a sense, the Dream that never really was… Been more of a launch platform for most of the world’s worst and most brutal megacorps (can any of you say Monsanto?) In any case, much thanks for all you do!

  • jim

    you guys in USA need to clad this coward Mother fffer Bolton in a desert unifom and send him out there to lead the charge in any further illegal wars. i hate these cynical old crooks who send the youth blood of their countries to die for their bank balance and sick power trips. they are disgusting creatures.

  • Anne Illerbrun

    you’d think by now…there’s a meme circulating “It’s better to be Ignorant than to be someone who listens to Lies” HOW do you explain to them that Ignorance and Lies feed each other, you can’t have one without the other.

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