The Housing BUBBLE Is BURSTING! – Experts Predict MASSIVE CRASH!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the very real potential of a continued massive crash of the housing market in the immediate future.
James Stack, a money manager from Montana who correctly predicted the 2008 crash as well as the 2018 “slowdown” is saying that the worst is yet to come. He detailed why the housing markets throughout the United States were in grave danger.
Now it’s easy to make these predictions if we are entirely honest. This has happened before and it will happen again. The bankrupt banks with their collateralized debt obligations, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, subprime lending and other manipulative, debt ridden tactics always come to their inevitable end.
For years in many places throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and elsewhere in the world, we’ve seen highly overvalued local housing markets and it appears as though it’s coming to an end.
With a mass exodus from California and New Jersey, two places with highly inflated bubbles. With Vancouver and Toronto finally seeing the rips in the seams. With the everything bubble popping world wide from pensions, student loans, auto loans, housing bubbles, loss of faith in currency, the crazy derivatives bubbles and stock market slowdowns, this had to happen eventually and it’s crucial that individuals prepare themselves for what’s to come.
This isn’t the end of the world if people know what they’re doing. If you understand money, you won’t be controlled by it. This is why we encourage self sustainability, financial responsibility, independence and decentralization. There are more solutions than there are problems at the end of the day.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • XYZ

    oops, thought this was going to be about Canadian real estate. Wrong, it’s about US markets. I thought this was a Canadian channel? guess I was wrong about that also.

  • Paul Rey

    But without buying properties there will not be a bubble to pop ! And eventually, after bubble bursting they will print so much money, that the cost will be even higher ! So, is not the solution buying ?

  • Elizabeth A Daly

    House prices can only be worth what the market matrix can bear. Its about time the market matrix corrects it self. Housing is made for people to live in not for profit. When our consciousness rises we will again return to this way of thinking. Stop with the exploitation of currency because lower consciousness will create only mental illness ?

  • Eagle40

    More predictions that never come true on the fake YouTube doom and gloom channels. It’s getting old.

    Economy is doing fine. There will always be ups and downs but in the long we do fine.

    Housing will see a dip but overall we are not even close to a crisis like 2008. Thecare many safety nets thst have prevented this from happening again.

    All nonsense. No one can predict the future.

  • Kimberly ann

    Ready for some cray cray?
    Trump’s” children learning Mandarin for three years.
    China is elites bug out country.
    You realize China is really already the new super power.

  • Dabrowa Debowa

    To the guy on the right: sorry but you look very neglected, ugly sweater, not sheaved. You look so much American, I am surprised you are not wearing pajamas.

  • Nora Clarke

    Housing prediction is a subjective topic because homeowners don’t want to think about losing equity and renters have been waiting a decade for prices to break. It might take a while for prices to meet reality as long as banks and governments continue to support home purchases through assistance programs. Well seasoned financial experts couldn’t predict this level of fraud collusion.

  • Geoff Thomson

    Money Money Money, Must be FUNNY, In the Richmans World. Banksters, the Enemy of ALL Earthlings!
    STOP the World Central Bankers THEFT of ALL Nations “WEALTH” !! Your FUTURE WEALTH !! Your KIDS FUTURE !!
     19th January 2019, Bring YOUR Country to a “PEACEFUL” STOP !!
    Yellow Vest, Real Law, REAL Democracy !! It is “OUR” time, it is up too “US” !! Nothing Else will stop this EVIL !
    (1) The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary) – YouTube

  • D Bur

    It is going to rain ?. Its going to rain ?. I promise u its going to rain ☔️. Ur pathetic, as well as ur vid’s .grow a brain ? and have a set of balls . Instead of like trump, feed of fear. When have u ever studied the charts , let alone the facts . Again you fear mongering un educated fool ???

  • victor arregnelle

    An acquaintance bought a house last year. I know he has 50k of equity already, and he feels as if it was a major gain. Cool if you wanna get a loan, but that equity won’t make him a do.e unless he sells, but he won’t because then he would have to buy another house lol.

  • Frank Franze

    Need to change the world from greed to open, caring, advanced civilization, sharing and sustainability! God bless! thank you for another great video!:)

  • Annie Reynolds

    Hey, guys thanks for the info, my girlfriend wants to buy her first home, is this a good time to buy?

    Dubai is also becoming the next China, a lot of construction is on hold, and too much housing on the market and not enough buyers, the job market is also down in Dubai. People are not getting paid for months, the malls are empty, Expat is moving out because they lose their jobs and they can’t get another job.its very bad, but they are hiding all this information

  • Darth Bane

    All these unlucky bastards, wait until the interest rate corrects and jumps back to 80s mortgage rates. If they are not locked in oh my fuck.
    2 % would be crazy imagine a 10% jump. Especially with the shit economy, thanks Trudeau.

  • ThePunisher

    A once great country after WW2, now it’s rotting from inside, why? People want to do less but want more and more. In NYC, the mayor wants to give out free health cares even for the illegals, the governor allows convicted felons to vote! Bridge and tunnel tolls are as high as $17. A Federal government can be shut down due to different parties disputes over policies! And tax refund maybe delayed! I can guarantee you the first and second quarters economy will be suck and can last even longer! And yes, House market will go downhill! But Trump keeps telling you China wants to make a deal, if China wants a deal? Why is USA sending a team to China this time?

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