The Incremental Push To Repeal The Second Amendment Exposed!

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When “repeal the second amendment” is trending on twitter it’s safe to say that the slippery slope to gun control has reached a landslide and the TRUE motives of the left have finally been revealed. They may say it’s only about “AR-15’s” or “assault riffles” or “background checks”…but their ultimate goal has been all along to take away your right to own a firearm, period! In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down the agenda to rob the American people of their constitutional rights.

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  • Austin Seely

    Preach it! I will not give up my guns! I will not conflict any harm into others, except to defend myself and my family. They come for my guns with threat of force, force will be distributed back! Great work PFT!!!

  • Mr Spazoid7777

    Anyone who has a problem with law abiding citizens being armed, they are the reason law abiding citizens are armed. Know your enemy.

  • IWroteThis

    People have to get it in their heads that America is the last place on Earth where you have the most freedom. Too bad their lives are so short and their memory is so bad.
    It leads to great suffering, then a great awakening, then death.

  • Rob Bargenquast

    Look at the 2 videos I’ve posted here in the comments. This is a process and there is a specific agenda they’re hiding something in the bill.

  • QuestForTruth

    um is it me or are these sick rich elites looking like they are dead zombies with blood leaking from their eyes??? all of em look this way from Clinton to the Rottchilds!

  • danielvincentkelley

    If this former supreme court soon croaking meat bag’s wet dream of GUN CONTROL came true, guess what would happen? ALL Gun Owners in America would begin to meet up in their communities and train to repel foreign invasion and tyranny, claiming themselves as MILITIA. It would overnight become POPULAR to be militia, for the sake of maintaining their firearms. So his “Gun Control” plan would BACKFIRE and The People would restore The Militia in America, that the ranks of “The 3% Militia” would swell up hugely and then they’d be a lot more than their name of 3%, they’d be a force that had legitimacy to disarm the Corporate Fascist Tyrant Thugs who are a STANDING ARMY hierarchy under the direction of the tyranny “government”.

  • Civil Action Information Network

    Congratulations Leigh. I don’t know if this is the first time you’ve reported for Dan but It’s awesome to see you two working together. I have a ton of time on my hands to do such reporting. wink wink.

  • Charles Forbin

    LEGISLATURES SHOULDN’T BE HAMPERED BY CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRICTIONS?!……What the hell! Our founding document was in part written specifically TO PLACE RESTRICTIONS ON GOVERNMENT(s). These leftists want to use any/every detail of our Constitution to twist it and try to diminish our Rights and Responsibilities…then complain about it’s restrictions (when it goes against their agenda)….two faced sons a bitches

  • Eagle Vision

    Hitler arrested 2 Rothschild family member for Usury. 70+ years and you still haven’t figured out Hitler was fighting the NWO. These quotes that Hitler and Goebbels said were describing how this Zionist State brainwashed the allies.

  • ej732

    Only reason we still have a 2nd amendment is because its a big money making bargaining chip for votes, has nothing to do with freedom.

  • 2MauiAngels

    Of course msm wont tell anyone that WHILE the ‘Gun Protest’ was happening in our strictest Gun Law city, Chicago, 19 people were shot & killed there. Msm wont post the FBI numbers showing that gun violence across our country is mostly done by Black people in ALL of our big cities, EVERY DAY. Msm wants everyone to believe Gun Violence is mostly a ‘White thing’, committed by White kids at White schools. ‘Sorry’ White people who want to ‘protect kids’ will be the First to surrender their guns. While our cities become more dangerous. Violent Black criminals with guns will start to outnumber the Law abiding White people who keep their guns. How will that turn out as our ‘Petrodollar’ loses value, & the cost of food & supplies increases? With what is so quicky happening to the World economies, we are gonna have to worry about protecting ourselves from desperate people with guns before the gov ever tries to take them.

  • MOJO Risen

    dumb kids dont even realise that much more people will die with the abolishment of the second ammendment! they think a school shooter is bad…? just wait till they see war in the streets!

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