The Poisoning Of A Double Agent – Canada Pokes The Russian Bear And Is About To Get Mauled

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A British and Russian double agent along with his daughter have been poisoned and Theresa May of the UK is pinning the blame on Putin himself. This comes despite the fact that there is absolutely zero evidence to suggests that the Kremlin had anything to do with this attack. Russian diplomats are now being expelled from various nations all across the world including Canada as tensions are now rising past the point of return. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth separates the facts from the fiction when it comes to this poisoning conspiracy which amounts to nothing less than a false flag attack.


Watch “Russia And US Prepare For War In Syria”

Watch “The Truth About Russia”

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  • Richard Einstein

    My car was damaged while parked last night. I only have one question. What were the Russians doing in my small town?

  • sinnjinnkinn1776

    Remember VX nerve gas was manufactured by the British government. Sold by the US (By Donald Rumsfeld) to Saddam Hussein to gas the Kurds (whom we aided these past few years, but sold out to ISIS and turkey and are being killed again), recently used against the Capitalist Light brother of North Korea Kim Jong – Un, and now being used to add more Bullshit to the “Manufactured” war evidence against Russia. Neo-Con war hawks won the Civil War in the Trump presidency.

  • Graham Miles

    It brings tears to my eyes, tears of sadness, that the government in the United Kingdom the u.s. and Canada expect everybody in the world to believe them and believe that the Russians are to blame for everything that goes wrong. I’ve got a headache so maybe I should be in the Russians too.

  • capt nobody

    while were being invaded, rounded up, and sent to death camps, Sargeeet beet head to India Cousins. WAKEY WAKEY, CANADA

  • Mandy Retweets

    Oh please these countries think we’re all idiots. Shame on you all for blaming Russia. Reminds me of Tony Blair telling us all about Sadam having weapons of mass destruction. More lies

  • Michael Scott

    It’s a great big world we livin in. And I just can’t see how half of us immersed in sin is all we have to give our future… Nineties pop tune reference.

  • LivelysReport

    I have heard as far as the third world war, we are in it, it is called the war on terrorism.. take that for whatever it is worth..

  • VUF Berlick

    Don’t forget that the UK incidentally also has a lab. with exactly this nerve agent only 12km from the scene.
    Don’t forget the Oxymoronic Democrats & Liberals all want their Kalergi agenda fulfilled.
    I’ve said exactly the same from day one, it’s way to obvious ?‍♂️ ??‍♂️

  • g Foyston

    so Canada is declaring war !!! can we get rid of truedope yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! april 2 thats next week every city hall 12 noon across the country PEACEFULLY protest truedopes failures and policy’s . we all need to be there united !!!! go to ccn cross Canada news for info its on you tube

  • Symbolic Living

    I haven’t been paying that much attention to this story. Have they shown proof yet or is it still just accusations? What does Canada have to do with this and why does any country need spies, unless of course they are involved in crime. Are governments involved in crime? How many spies are there in the world? Why are they all spying on each other and threatening war with one another that puts millions of civilians at risk, unless they are criminals at the top?

  • whykhr

    More wacky Russia Mega-Conspiracies by the Western Oligarch owned pseudo-democracies and their captive Fake News MSM. I like their Russia Pokeman conspiracy theory best. Russia used Pokeman to change the US election. How about arresting Theresa May and much of her cabinet for *Blatant, abusive, unprovoked Hate Speech against, Russia, Russians and Putin* . On top of that declared guilty of a serious crime and convicted without trial, without even the rudiments of evidence, and pushing us deliberately and maliciously to WW3, the possible deaths of a billion or more people. If 1% of what May and her gang of haters has said about Russians, was said about Muslims the MSM, BBC would be in an outrageous furor and demand her immediate resignation.


    dam that “storm” looks closer and closer…. and I don’t mean Stormy “the whore” Daniels smfh … stay circumspect and Vigilant… FaCTz

  • bbtesla

    Does Canada’s Minister of Defence admire Elmer Fudd’s speaking abilities? Dap bede dap bede dap, that’s all folks!

  • Jim Mc Neil

    did he learn it from clinton ? believe in our intelligent agency ??? meaning UN they have no proof of this allegation. .. lies and lies all over again. and this guy is under investigation ! he’s not what he said he is ..! the turban guy ) Russia is not the enemy

  • Adam Smith

    It’s time for Jordan B. Peterson to throw his hat in the ring and represent Canada and be a leader in World politics

  • bbtesla

    Who is always rearing up the boggieman Gassssss. Associations based on lies.The USA has not destroyed THEIR chemical weapons. Who runs the US Congress and Senate? KM. It’s all about the gasssssss monsters, in sheep’s clothing, calling WOLF!!!!

  • Phil Osophical

    Even if it was russian agents who poisoned another supposed russian agent in the uk. If the people that supposedly died were russian agents then they fully accepted the risks of the job. Its just manslaughter. Its not like it was russian agents trying to commit terrorism like moozies do. Why does the uk not care about all many many murders that middle eastern and african migrants do on uk soil.
    Its a convenient excuse.
    Politicians these days are so imature and dumb its not funny. They also think the population are dumb.

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