Bilderberg Media Mogul Pardoned By Trump!

Donald Trump has pardoned notorious media mogul Conrad Black

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  • ouldon aunt

    well a nice caring advert for a Saudi medical program came up towards the end. thankfully I didn’t see any bone saws.

  • Donald Best

    Liberal , conservative, they are all so corrupt now. Truly amazing the crap going on in government currently. They must believe the populace has lost all ability to see truth.

  • ahmataevo

    We need a giant meteor to destroy this world. I don’t want these negative entities to be allowed to exist or dominate anything. I’d rather exterminate all creation, existence, being than to allow them anything at all.

  • markscott7777777

    When Conrad Black went to jail didn’t the Telegraph become anti Global Warming.

    Then he was released and back to normal coverage.

    It was obvious at the time !

  • Akaka05

    Wouldnt that mean Black could claim a fortune AND be allowed back into the media racket, and trump is looking for a new ‘impartial’ news outlet.

  • K Jojar

    My initial response is cynical, but I’m exercising objectivity over my own bias, if that’s possible. Because the man was so powerful over information dissemination, and because he was not immune from prosecution, I must suspect the story of his conviction could shed light on the evil factions that war with each other while we naively confuse them as good vs evil. When we consider the state of news from then to now, I think most rational, non deluded people could agree that we’ve gone from worst to wtf territory, with wtf becoming a more twisted version of itself by the day. I think it would be worth knowing who was behind his prosecution, beneath the surface, and what they gained from securing him away from the action.

  • redvolsung

    Oye! Oye! Criminals, war crimnals, warmongers, globalists, thiefs, lyers, murderers, fraudsters, banksters, sociopaths and psycopaths. The white house and the u.s. army is hiring, top places available if you have the connections and/or the money and/or the prementionned skills.
    Journalist, truthers, whistleblowers and honest citizens go back to sleep, nothing to see here we’ll come and get you ounce we need you to die for us..

  • M S

    As a Canadian we generally don’t like this guy, expect those right wingers who can’t objectively think for them selfs

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