Breaking: Trump Signs Executive Order Reviving Keystone XL Pipeline

Donald Trump has just signed an executive order reviving the controversial keystone XL pipeline and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth weighs in on two sides of this debate. Support us on Patreon ➜


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  • Templarzealot89

    major oil spill… trudeau pro oil ? lmfao bro you have lost a lot of
    credit with those absolutely idiotic comments. neither are accurate. when
    it comes to oil spills that one at best was on the smaller side and trudeau
    has done everything he can to demonize and get rid of the natural resource
    sector in Alberta as he can. he has even stated that it is his plan to
    phase them out completely

  • watcher on the wall

    ITS all fine and dandy to whine and complain abut property loss in the usa
    but what about bitchin at our glorious leader and question the dummy why as
    Canadians we are not capable of building our own refinery instead of
    selling our crude to the usa , government pocketing our money , then having
    the finish product shipped back to us and we get to pay for our own oil and
    gas with tax of course, you want to do a video to educate the uneducated
    try that , maybe somebody will wake up to the financial rape we have been
    experiencing in order to line Canadian government pockets

  • They're Alive!

    I just hope all those veterans saved all their money pledges and are ready
    to come back to North Dakota. Fuck yeah!
    …and they better bring their guns this time!
    I’m talking ’bout a revolution!

  • stangeriam

    Obama continually stalling the Keystone pipeline was quite likely another
    psy op, to make it appear
    as though the two party system are not of the same factions. Which of
    course they are, it was obvious
    this was going to be passed. Just as Obama care will continue, just a few
    minor changes will occur.
    Either way, pro Globalism will merge out of the Jesuit Trump

  • Billy_Wrangler

    I got no problem with the pipeline. But the Indian nation is a Nation
    within a nation….they don’t want it crossing in their treaty land. What’s
    wrong with that? The corporation can move the crossing. The fuel delivered
    isnt committed to our country or Canadians…have no rights or strength to
    have a say on their land, then what rights do you have as an American? Wake
    up a little maybe use your critical thinking before it happens to you?

  • L a n n y *_*

    What are the Canadian Libs going to say now that Justin and Trump are
    together on this? maybe they will see the puppet show finally.

  • Crypto Frenchy

    I have not told you 100 times about the truth of “Legal” 🙂 – It is ALL

    You looking for legal tenders also attaches you to its codes, acts, and
    Legal = Surety and And Accounting
    You HAVE a Person you ARE not one
    The PERSON is THEIR.

  • Detroit's Finest

    Hey idiotic Trump supporters how about the thought of YOUR water looking
    like Flint Michigan’s? Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Ronald Tremblay

    I think your way off base with this story. I live in Alberta Canada and we
    need these pipe lines too get our oil to market. pipe lines statistically
    speaking are the safest way to transport oil. maybe you should do a story
    on that fact !!!

  • Tulum Tellez

    If it is for the better of the people, and not the greedy few, than fine.
    However, what if it spills and breaks, like all the other pipelines have

  • Mr Lahey

    Liberals say nothing about how India and China just demolish shit for
    infrastructure stuff. Yet liberals in the West think that 3rd world
    shitholes like India and Communist shitholes like China should overtake the
    West? Western liberals are “the white problem”. The 5th column amongst us.
    Call them out because they are nothing but scum.

  • Rocken Roller

    Unbelievable ignorance never fails to amaze me. The left are like true
    parasites, they’ll feed off each other until there is absolutely nothing
    left except pure Shite.. ?

  • Travis polson

    If it gets all are poor Alberta friends back to work and out of BC I am
    happy , their like are rich friends who lost all their money in the stock
    market and now they want to move in with us lol .

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