CNN IS FINISHED! – Their Latest Misstep Will Mark An End To Their Fake News Empire! #CNNBLACKMAIL

Josh Sigurdson talks with WAM analyst John Doull about the recent exposure of CNN following their attempt at blackmail and extortion of a man who made an anti-CNN gif of Trump bodyslamming CNN (metaphorically).
When Trump shared the gif, CNN and other mainstream outlets claimed he was advocating violence against reporters which is truly an insane conclusion to come to. Following this, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski put out a public statement saying that they are not releasing the identify of the gif maker, but they have the right to do so if he continues to offend CNN.
This spawned a massive hashtag war using the hashtag #CNNBlackMail.
People throughout the world started posting Trump vs. CNN gif memes. This is just further evidence that CNN has completely lost their touch with reality, if they ever had it.

As we are possibly entering a third world war, as the monetary system shoved people into debt servitude, as taxes and regulations suppress small businesses and poverty is rampant, CNN thinks the biggest news story is a gif possibly made by someone as young as 15 years old.

This is why the dinosaur mainstream media is dying. They can’t keep up with independent media. They can’t keep up with the vast populace.

While individual liberty is being stripped away, the global media establishment, like CNN wish that more individual liberties were stripped away and people were muzzled, just so they’d have a story to report on. They’re pathetic. People know this. This is why only 6% of people polled trust the fake news mainstream media.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • sunwarz

    Its an anti fake news and brainwashing and the lie is the politically approved views and statement! Its a humorous way to jab msm with the truth! This kid is a artistic comedic geniouse, he should be given a job! lol Sadly his humorous video was so close to the truth it obviousely pushed someone’s buttons, they are so out of touch with the real people who live in the real world! They don’t only look like a bunch of pouting prissys, they act like a bunch of crying prissys too! I would like to ask them how they feel being a minority who carry a stink around of pretending to be something they aren’t! Dam you can dress them up but you can’t take them anywhere! They cause Chao’s at every turn! Self education is far beyond inductional education systems we have in place today, Experience and self knowledge exposes the lies and the ties that have bonded us! We are cutting those ties and bonds, we are winning by freeing our minds and our views and unleashing the world! Halaluia, ya whooo!!

  • Mike Davis

    Its all a hoax CNN needed attention to prop up their ratings it was all staged ahead of time . They are driving the narritive and squeezes as much attention as possible . I bet that hans a hole belongs to CNN . Another pizza gate .

  • Ascanius

    I hear turdeau was spending alone time behind closed doors with merkel. Bet that POS had his head up her skirt as per George soros order , it’s not easy being a sellout to your country but turdeau will show you just how you can.

  • Das War Ein Befehl

    How about making a discord server for all our viewers? It has both voice chat and text chat. Connect the viewers and let them share opinions

  • Donald Kasper

    You are scared about a CNN meme, but are okay with illegal and ISIL immigration. This is a sad day.

  • HerosComment

    Do you have to claim “I am not a supporter of Trump, but?” If you do it again, I won’t be watching you anymore, and I will unsubscribe. I can’t stand when you people have to make that known, quit using his name as click bait then.

  • Old white guy

    Josh!!! How many blue checked shirts do you have? So now AT&T can say” well if you let us buy Time Warner we’ll cancel CNN.

  • Jay Jay ingocnito

    I like how this meme creators use cnn and others own publications against them good show well played

  • tinkingallday

    Didn’t CNN give a total pass to that female comedian (of sorts) that was spreading hate with
    her little skit with President Trumps head? Now they are showing just what sort of people they are by making real physical threats to the creator of this Meme. Pretty thin skinned aren’t they!

  • Vincente Fox

    CNN has shown themselves to be petty. They are like an annoying noise in the background that you just hate. Like your neighbors in the next apartment constantly screaming at each other. Losers.

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