The Christchurch “Call To Action” Summit in Paris Exposed! They’re Coming For Us ONLINE!!

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In the wake of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, world leaders and social media tech giants are meeting in Paris today to discus how to stop “online extremism”. The Trump administration will not be joining the “call to action” while Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau can hardly wait to perform his best virtue signalling to date! In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down the implications of this call to action while showing the hidden agenda to quietly remove conservative voices from the internet.

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  • Dan Basler

    Real easy to be a violent Islamic Terrorist with out any online crap. Islam Has Massacred Over 669+ Million Non-Muslims Since 622AD

  • Wone Motie

    This muslim Trudeau trying to take Canadians rights away needs to be put in prison. Seek medical help you idiot.

  • Living for Jesus

    Hah. All the leaders that people want to get rid of. Trudeau is on his way out. This will call truth hatespeech and all leftist insanity will be able to go forward. These lies and Christchurch lies are as phoney as their outrage. No Leftists are not being banned or spoken bad of while all conservatives that speak truth are routinely banned or taken down. Wake up sheeple of the World. We need to fight this

  • wendala gibson

    Turddo the real hate monger. While he push division. And his hypocritical bull schitt. Christ church was a false flag for UN Globalist to ram your evil satanic game of world domination by greedy elitist PIGS!!.

  • Axeman Railing

    Here is an idea stop state sponsored terrorism and leave us alone. We dont want a fucking nanny state.

  • bushwacker

    this is the deep state in action again,they see their power being taken away by trump and the populists,so they want to silence everybody,bunch of Nazis.


    How ironic a place called Christchurch that is so ungodly it could make the devil blush but that’s okay all of these people will be and the lake of fire with Satan and they won’t have superiority then. What a bunch of pompous fools who rejected Christ and now a burning hell awaits them. A car in the room and says really no hope for them in the first chapter it says God turns them over to a reprobate mind that no longer knows good from evil so I could care less my kingdom is not of this world like my master said but we should try our hardest to spread the good news of the gospel of Christ before he comes back very soon and before 2.5 billion people died in World War 3 that that is building right now

  • Mike Hagarty

    The problem is, the far left, & the far right!
    Extremists, not matter what side are nuts,
    & shouldn’t be entertained!
    Relax, enjoy life, & get along with each other!
    Keep a smile on!

  • really/right Persona Fycta

    At 2:38. That list of supposed banned organizations/people(s) is a document against all Governments and ALL their agencies.
    It completely describes their gangs and organizations. In LITERAL form, BLACK AND WHITE LITERAL WRITTEN FORM.

  • Tim Olheiser

    Yes. What happened to a House of Commons Agreement for Trudeau to sign a non-binding agreement (non-binding is speak for forced down our throats a bad agreement).If you speak up against the government or ideas you don’t agree with, or forced to agree with, you will be censored. Can’t wait for October to vote out Trudeau. Trudeau, where is Admiral Norman’s apology? No, goes to Europe to sign another agreement making Canadians  terrorists for simply free speech..

  • Jade Harris

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Governments always use these situations for more control over people, especially those who don’t go along with what the government say is exceptable.

  • bipola telly

    A conga line of corrupt, lying scumbags….
    “Dangerous individuals” everyone!
    What a strange little man Truedough is.

  • Andrew Klix

    So the worst of all fascist are going to decide what is permissible to say, think, believe, fallow, view or listen to.
    Sounds to me like the beginning of WWIII.

  • House of Bamboo

    It doesn’t matter, the more they try to censor, the more violence they will be promote. They fools.

  • Mike Freeman

    How can they legally violate our Free-speech RIGHTS? Do we have Free-Speech RIGHTS or what? If so lets sue the criminal conspiring treasonous tyrannical Liberal Government for 50 trillion dollars then create another Government that actually defends Freedom.

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