Trudeau LOSES Female Support As Approval Rating TANKS! (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson reports on the hilarious downfall of the self proclaimed “feminist” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is now facing his lowest approval rating yet with polls showing that if the election were today, the Conservatives would win.
Who are the main demographics leaving the Liberal Party? Women, the middle class and millennials which ironically enough are the demographics Trudeau most caters to other than a few foreign demographics.
After the “peoplekind” comment, the embarrassing India trip and his countless shenanigans, people are sick and tired of Justin Trudeau. Let’s not forget his vast corruption and utter lack of comprehension.

But in the end, this is about politics. Harper’s approval rating was almost the same in his 9th year. People will simply switch back and forth for eternity for the “lesser of evils” scenario as the true masters behind the scenes in government laugh at our servitude, ever strengthening.

Politics has a low approval rating, not individuals, but people don’t seem to have grasped that quite yet.

Individuals decide the market place. Rule yourself folks. Be self sustainable and do it soon before it’s too late.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • diamonddog257

    ….[sigh]….. this ‘thing’ is just typical of the Quebecouis ”’ slime-bag ‘culture …..
    The worst people in the world.
    so it’s ‘not his fault….
    What is scary :……”’people usually get the gov’t that they deserve ””’

  • Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel

    That’s right ladies he is not a feminist, just an effeminate sissy who supports a religion that oppresses women and treats them like barn animals!

  • ambr r

    he’s just another wannabe globalists, so called elite bunch of criminals, who are working hard to bring about the complete degradation, economic wasteland for the citizens in their homeland
    Carbon tax is based on lies, lies and more lies for one
    He doesn’t care or like Canada or Canadians!
    Maybe he should’ve stayed in India, seems to like it there more
    He’s a spoiled brat who I don’t believe has ever had a real full time job, or known the struggle of the majority of Canadians and it’s only getting worse, every year it gets worse
    None of the younger generation in my family, friends are even thinking or dreaming of ever being able to own a house, etc.,
    We need to get rid of Central banks
    And this insanity needs to stop

  • Eagle Vision

    Well it is about time women woke up. Trudeau is a disaster and women andchildren are in danger of getting raped by rapeugees. He is replacing white women with brown women. Justin Trudeau-Castro said “The very concept that Canada was founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.” Justin Trudeau, when asked about his Open Borders immigration strategy.

  • Kathleen H

    I don’t know how he had any female support in the first place. He’s a spoiled clueless asshole. He only got that job because his father was prime minister. He’s never held a real job in his life.

  • Matt ward

    Why don’t you guys the crypto carnage??????? You both hyped it for so long why the silence all of a sudden???

  • A May

    Anyone with half a brain knows he’s muslim brotherhood. Feminism and islam cannot coexist. Trudeau is putting our country in SERIOUS danger…he is a definite threat to our national security.

  • Truth the new Hate speech

    Hard to believe anyone supports that imbecile! Must have a sock fetish, live in their parents basement or belong to the Muslim brotherhood!

  • Never Give Up

    Is Canada FINALLY WAKING UP to Traitor Truedope and the Globalist Communist Takeover ??
    Research SES, Serco (the real Deep State ‘Shadow’ Government) Agenda 21 is now Agenda 2030 … they will NOT STOP unless the world WAKES UP !!)
    President Trump is fighting this takeover – why do you think the mainstream media bashes him non-stop ?
    Anyone against Trump is against freedom for all mankind – yes, I said it … MANKIND !!

  • D Ishappywithlife

    The costumes, the random dancing, the awkward moments, it’s just been toooooooi much. He’s gotta go!!!

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