Gillette…The Best A Ma’am Can Get

Is Gillette really the best a man can get? Well I guess that really depends on what it is that men want… which according to a new ad from the overpriced razor blade company, men want to be bad, they are inherently toxic and the #MeToo movement should be an eye opener for them all that it’s time for a change. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a close look at the newest commercial from Gillette that attempts to make men shed their toxic masculinity in response to the #MeToo movement all while pointing the finger at the real enemy of society in this situation…third wave feminism. #BringOnTheBeards

Procter and Gamble:
-Always menstrual hygiene products
-Ariel laundry detergent
-Bounty paper towels, sold in the United States and Canada
-Charmin bathroom tissue and moist towelettes
-Crest toothpaste
-Clancy’s Potato Chips, Stackerz, etc…
-Dawn dishwashing
-Downy fabric softener and dryer sheets
-Fairy washing up liquid
-Febreze odor eliminator
-Gain laundry detergents, liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets and dish washing liquid
-Gillette razors, shaving soap, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, deodorant and anti-perspirant
-Head & Shoulders shampoo
-Olay personal and beauty products
-Oral-B inter-dental products, such as Oral-B Glide
-Pampers & Pampers Kandoo disposable diapers and moist towelettes. The 2014 Financial Report lists Pampers as Procter & Gamble’s largest brand.[2]
-Pantene haircare products
-SK-II beauty products
-Tide laundry detergents and products
-Vicks cough and cold products

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  • Lynn Roberts

    boycott? i’m disgusted by this propaganda. they always make the white men look weak. yes, we want boys acting like boys. i love men. good vid.

  • KnockNorris

    its such a “great move” sjw cunts go full bush/no shave hot girls get waxed/lazerd…the actual target of the brand will buy something else….

  • Jurassic Punk

    I guarantee theirs a WOMAN behind this. I bet my house some silly twat on the “Board” thought this were good, n the Cukd fellow Board fks allowed it.

  • Jerky Jones

    I liked this video. The boys will be boys part way funny. Boycotting them is dumb though. They have way to many products for me to really care that much. Also you mention this overly sensitive sjw culture and you’re butt hurt over a gilette video and calling for a banning of all P&G products. Like common!

  • Tom Provan

    Thanks for the video and for the information about Procter & Gamble I will have to look into someone else who makes razor blades sjws no way

  • Vyom Sharma

    It’s my humble opinion that unless the abrahmic religions include the symbol of the goddess in their faiths, feminism will keep on haunting them.

    Even buddha had to submit before the feminists then and allow admission of women monks. In christianity there have been women saints but a group of saints won’t be enough. The reason being the spiritual organization of abrahmic religions is essentially musculine. In the holy Trinity there is no goddess. Unless there is a definite form/place of goddess in christianity/islam, the philosophy of feminism consciously fabricated by the Illuminati in order to destroy the world society will keep on doing it’s job and women will continue buying it.

    In the holy trinity two kind of beings can be included which then constitutes :
    the son, the daughter, the father, the mother and the holy spirit. Thus making the spiritual family complete.
    As feminism will evolve into the form of an organized religion the blows that illuminati is aiming at religions will simply be absorbed in the body of religion and no fracture will happen. It is only till the time religions stay stiff, rigid and indifferent towards the divinity of feminine principle that the organization of religion will keep on getting tremored to it’s very foundation by women.

    Being men we have no choice because with time the wave of feminism will only get stronger. The key to saving yourself from the wildfire of feminism is simply bowing down to women. It shouldn’t be termed wrong because the power that rests in the form of woman is the inscrutable power of God. No woman is unconnected to the omnipotent divine principle who is God. She is the consort and God is her lord. She won’t harm anyone who is divine.
    So be divine and no woman will harm you.

    Don’t say truths to any women harshly. Say them sweetly. She will understand. It is when the masculine principle embraces the feminine one that all the negativity of false feminism goes away and the goddess will become calm. Thus saving our civilization.

    With immense credibility I am saying this :
    Feminism has the power to topple over our civilization.

    Illuminati wants women to fight men and men to fight women. What they don’t want is love between the two. Because that is how the two sexes i.e. the two kinds of spirits will be weakened, that is how there will be less children taking birth and the depopulation agenda will be achieved and with a common hate between the two sexes towards the other coupled with the transgender phenomena the illuminati will succeed in bringing up a race that is without sex. Sexless human is their goal, body of which can easily be created in biological factories.

    The destiny is a feminist religion the core of which is an absolutely feminine entity/Goddess that is supreme and capable enough to give birth to her husband/God. Mating with whom she gives rise to worlds.
    It is not incest because the masculine entity born is her husband and not her son(there was no father to begin with whose seed became the son through woman. In this belief system mother/woman is all there is and all males are an expression of the feminine ; all males are product of a female’s body)

    So don’t get into a war of words with a feminist woman. Simply hug her and it will all end. 🙂 💐

  • Alan Kelly

    Next level of control dogs are not allowed to snif butts and be dogs! All love is dead!…… Keep the dead alive 😉

  • RellivaRaven

    Why can’t we treat the two sexes equally? Equal sentences, equal rights to the kids, house, etc.

    Seriously. At this rate men will be treated like the slaves were.

  • Tall Whitemail

    It hit me watching this video. They are disassociating everything that defines how we perceive ourselves and others.
    It’s a tactic for the endgame so that in the near future we will be completely disassociated from the present reality, making us ‘easy to manage’.

  • TheClauah

    So, you guys really don’t want to change right? The truth is violence, disrespect and sexual harassment has been encouraged by society as part of “normal” masculinity

  • Brian T

    “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men.
    And, weak men create hard times.”

  • Brane Storm

    Unfortunately, I can’t shave with anything except the Mach III and a week before Kapernick signed with Nike, I bought a brand new pair of Nikes….FFS!!

  • Diane Sylvain

    Good report!!!! This “hating men” is a NWO agenda to “take down white men”, and eventually make “baby-making” the old-fashioned way obsolete. Babies will be made in labs, with government’s permission. This is Satanic, given the globalist NWO order elites are Satanists. And white men, you will notice in this video, are a lot worse than other men!

  • Craig Sparks

    Someone in Gillette marketing team should have done some research, they’re aiming the advert at millennials, they’re so full of soy and oestrogen I did not know they would even need to shave.

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