BREAKING: Female Shooter At ΥouTube Ηeadquarters

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The shooter is confirmed dead, multiple people have been injured stay tuned we’ll be going live ASAP to report on this in more detail

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  • wh1987 H

    I have a suspicion that it’s an inside job for the media and the globalists to promote anti-gun laws to restrict anyone that own guns. Sad.

  • Nash TheGreatObserver

    I’m going to guess that the narrative will be something along the lines of her being a far right wing person that’s mad about all the YouTube censorship. To which they will claim is a point being pushed by right wing channels. Idknw but thats my best guess.

  • Divergent Droid

    All I have to say is – Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people. Google gets what it deserves.

  • Paul Henrickson

    Hmmmmm. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for this story. It’s kinda weird of all places the headquarters of YOUTUBE was victimized.

  • Alice Ballard

    BAN All Gun-free zones!! Would’ve been a real good time to have a legally armed individual on premises ready and willing to take care of business.

  • Mari Anderson

    it probably isn’t even real if it came from YouTube like we believe them they’re all part of the c cabal** all this is a ploy and a false flag to take away our 2nd Amendment rights this s*** ain’t real don’t believe it for a minute just believe if it is real they did it to take away your guns and it looks like we’re going to need more guns to protect ourselves from this type of false flag from the deep state that are continuing to fight our president and lie about him and try to take away our freedom and constitutional rights when they are evil Satan worshippers that are angry that they can’t steal money from us anymore and lie because Trump is transparency God Bless America in the name of Jesus Christ amen hallelujah praise God Almighty your maker of everything in this world and out of it

  • Ryan Smith

    So obvious NWO set up
    At fucking youtube and a woman?
    The white hat alliance will beat the NWO. We are legion!

  • reinaldoken benitez

    Hmmp! A shootout-at YOUTUBE head quarters? The very people that SENSORS youtubers for speacking about the Sanbernardino shootout? Or about Mr. Hog Whash? And a FEMALE no less, when people’s Been talking about that ALL SHOOTERS are MALE? WELL. .what the heck are you reading this for? -IT’S ALL A BIG COINCIDENCE!!

  • Steven Schleps

    Thanks for the input. Appreciate the quick report of this news.
    So, your solution for another shooting is more guns? Are you fucking stupid? You brainless twat!
    A false flag operation one subscriber fantasized! What? With the right-wing Republican puppet Trump as your President. You fucking cowards!! Too pussified to live without a gun. To weak to stand tall and strong like a real man? Whats the matter you little facist bitchs? Afraid the NRA is now going to come for your guns? Cause Obama didn’t!! Las Vegas shooting,”A false flag operation.””Lakeland school shooting”, a bunch of child actors?! You clowns should hear yourselves!! Your paranoia is rotting what little brains you started with. You must be smoking Crystal Meth when your not smoking pot. It is pitiful idiots such as yourselves who are destroying our nation. You morons are embarassing. You bunch of fucking useless traitors should either blow your brains out, if you can find it. And then move to Russia and serve in Putins military. Maybe you will get a life serving Assads Syrian army.
    He needs more brainless idiots like yourself. Fucking paranoid, stupid, and owns a gun. That fits your profile. You got a job in Syria.Damn you people are stupid. False flag with Republican controled every branch of Government. How do you like Trump now?

  • PeachPit Network

    Why do you assume they will kick in the Gun Control narrative? Guns are only the tools of criminals and fascists. You can’t control that. It makes more sense to kick the “whacked out alt-left” or “mentally disturbed liberal” narrative.

  • robert

    dont jump to conclusions, lets see if the “false flag” plays has been pissing alot of people off !?? messin with peoples money, you know how people can get when it comes to money !?? waiting for the truth

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