Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent attempted coup in Venezuela by the US government as Trump employs retired policy hawk Elliot Abrams as Venezuela envoy.
Trump recently declared Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of the country which lead to massive celebrations in the streets. Maduro said “Wait a minute buddy, that’s not happening.” and people crowded the streets in support of him as well.
The point is, this is another example of the perpetuation of statism. The people of Venezuela were looking towards a free market revolution with competing currencies with the use of cryptocurrencies like Dash, yet here they go again, begging for one form of government or another, one flavor of collectivism or another to fix the problems of government and collectivism. This creates an infinite circle. It’s very disappointing.
The US government shouldn’t meddle in the country and the people of the country should find their own path with the use of decentralized blockchain infrastructure technology as well as currency. They could thrive at a rate we’ve never seen another country thrive before, but they’re looking to be dependent like before, so after.
We saw a similar movement in Zimbabwe following THEIR hyperinflation. They replaced their currency with a US dollar backed currency and then there was a coup replacing Mugabe with Mnangagwa. Now Mnangagwa is raising fuel prices and taking out opposition to him and people are rising up. Now they want to unseat him and replace him with someone else. They are continuing this paradigm of replacing government with government thinking things will change for the better. It’s absurd.

Meanwhile, in the US, the government has reopened. So it’s clearly not been a great week for freedom. But be optimistic! We have good days ahead of us. We just need to focus on being independent, self sustainable and financially responsible. Don’t look to central banks, look to yourself. Don’t look to governments, look to yourself. Kerosene does not put out fire.

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John Sneisen

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