Josh Sigurdson reports on yet another flip flop by the Trump administration as they perpetuate that which we have seen perpetuated for decades by every president, regardless of party… The military industrial complex.
In March 2017, the Trump administration claimed they were going to leave Assad alone… For absolutely no reason or gain, the US government wants us to believe that Assad followed this in April 2017 with a concerted attack on his own people. The same scenario repeated again in March and April 2018.
In December 2018, the Trump administration claimed they were going to pull out of Syria, leaving only security forces on the ground in an alleged triumph in the region. It was suspect to begin with considering this meant that they had no reason to ally with Assad anymore. There’s always a reason for everything the US government does. They would never do anything they don’t benefit from… The same goes for the Federal Reserve.
Well, now it appears we’ve been vindicated again. Trump has said he may keep men on the ground in Syria as well as Iran in order to protect Israel and to “protect the world.” Does that sound like the anti-establishment, anti-globalist president everyone’s been harping about?
The truth is presidents don’t have a say. We knew that before, but everyone forgot it for a few years apparently. This fact remains true to this day. This is a scripted effort over many decades to create perpetual tensions to create perpetual solutions that lead to more tensions. It keeps people on their knees in servitude and it creates vast amounts of wealth and seizes vast amount of resources for the top elites of the day.
With people in fear, people are dependent and that’s exactly where they want us. Pawns to send off to protect the king and queen.
This will lead to more conflicts with Russia, Iran and two global coalitions butting heads as Angela Merkel and Macron plead for the further push towards a European Union force.
This will not end well if we do not comprehend that government is a cartel and we must defend our freedoms ourselves or else forever hold our tongue.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!

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