Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent entrance of Canada in the global coup against Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro as multiple countries throughout the world follow the call of the United States in declaring Juan Guaido the legitimate president of Venezuela.
The hyperinflation in Venezuela as well as the poverty can be explained by four factors. Vast printing of currency, massive debts, countless regulations and huge taxes as well as the US and other global leaders intervening for the purpose of siphoning off the resources of the country.

While Maduro has done horrible things to the people of Venezuela and is no doubt out of control, Juan Guaido is clearly the establishment pick for President. No one heard of the guy until Trump declared him the legitimate president. He went to George Washington University in Washington, DC. He trained under the former executive director of the IMF. Now, the first thing he does once declared the legitimate “leader?” He has called for a giant IMF loan. Convenient, isn’t it?
Now, Trudeau is rallying Venezuela’s neighbors for Guaido and has pledged $53 million CAD in humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

This is a clear coup and yet another attempt by the US and other global leaders including Canada and the IMF to further destroy a country to their benefit.

One must understand the history of US coups in Latin America and elsewhere before they understand what this recent story is all about. It goes a lot deeper than which leader is “better.” It perpetuates the problem forever as people remain dependent on the state, just when Venezuelans were starting to break free and trade on the free market with decentralized cryptocurrencies, finding alternatives outside of government.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story closely!

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