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By the time that I was 12 years old my hair had become extremely important to me. I spent a lot of time combing, brushing, and manicuring my hair. I would look at myself in the mirror and think about what needed to be done to my hair so that I could be more attractive to girls. I also wanted my hair to be a symbol for my “coolness”. At the time I had a high top fade, otherwise known as a flat top. My flat top was both stylish and unique. People attributed my hair style to my identity and this made my hair style extremely important to me. I became obsessed with my hair.

By the time I was 17 years old my flat top was extremely large and I added a golden streak to it for extra flair. However, once I started college I noticed that my hair began to thin towards the top front of my head. The thinning of my hair was unexpected and I was frightened by the possibility of losing my hair.

My hair loss was extremely rapid and I finally decided to cut my flattop off. By the time I started my sophomore year in college my hair loss had become too obvious to ignore. So I decided to start shaving my head. The decision to shave my head was not an easy one. I had a small indentation on my head from birth and it was always a source of worry for me. I never wanted anyone to see it. So the notion of me cutting all of my hair off meant that my indentation would be visible to everyone. Even still I went ahead and shaved my head. Whenever I could not shave my head I would cover my head. This of course was a self-esteem issue. I did not feel confident about how I looked and my low self- esteem negatively impacted how I interacted with other people.

By the time I was 23 years old I had extreme hair loss. By that time I had learned to accept my hair loss and it did not bother me as much as it had in the past. I met my wife when I was 25 years old and though I kept my head bald most of the time I noticed that my wife did not care so much about my hair loss. This helped me to become more comfortable with my hair loss. Since that time I have learned to completely accept my hair loss. I look at it as a badge of honor. I do not have a problem with growing my hair in and showing people my extreme hair loss. This video will help other men to accept their hair loss so that it will not negatively impact the quality of their life.

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