Josh Sigurdson sits down with conservative radio and television personality to talk about the insanity of leftist intolerance as college campuses are overrun by identity politics, anger, safe spaces and rioting. It’s “free speech” when a bunch of AntiFa (actual fascists) and Black Lives Matter begin burning private property, breaking windows and beating up people they disagree with. When someone on the right or outside of the spectrum speaks however, they’re committing “microaggressions” and shouldn’t be allowed to speak.
We’ve seen this occur with people like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos. Like them or not, they should have the right to speak on the issues they believe in and if people dislike what they say, should come back with objective debate. Instead, college kids just throw giant temper tantrums and call capitalists greedy for wanting individuals to be able to trade where both sides consent, but that it’s “fair” to extort the hard earned money from the populace to pay for whatever absurd system the left wants.

Josh and Larry then get into a debate over the issue of war, mainly the Iraq War which Larry supports and Josh does not.

After trillions are spent, millions of lives are lost and the middle east is worse off than it was previously (and it never was in good shape to begin with), Josh rejects some of Larry’s praise for Dick Cheney, George Bush and foreign intervention.
Larry believes it’s the responsibility of the United States to stop the violence by warlords and dictators overseas.

Eventually, Josh decided to back down from continuing a debate which would add up to being quite pointless considering, both sides are stuck in their ways and no debate is going to change that.

Larry Elder knows what he’s talking about when it comes to free markets, largely the economic side of things and of course the constitution, but in Josh’s opinion strays away from his minarchist views when it comes to growing the size and scope of the global military industrial complex which couldn’t be a more “big government” idea. Especially considering historically, the Democrats have been the party of war.

We hope this was at least stimulating for the viewer!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Larry Elder
Josh Sigurdson

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