Josh Sigurdson talks with Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute For Economic Research in Acapulco, Mexico about the monopoly on ideas that are patents as well as intellectual property.
This is a subject matter that people need to better comprehend as Tesla once again releases its patents. As Jeffrey Tucker, in Tesla’s case it’s most likely just virtue that they’re signalling as they depend on the adoption of electric vehicles, but the true story behind patent laws is a story of massive corporate monopolies restricting competition.
At the advent of the patent office, people quickly begun restricting other people and companies from adapting their ideas and building them. This stifled technological advancement that in many ways could have helped people in the healthcare field as well as in basic market competition.
The fact is, people should not be able to OWN ideas. It is the responsibility of the individual to be the BEST at developing an idea. Patent laws simply create massive monopolies that therefor cannot be competed against. While it works for some, it hurts the markets overall.
The same goes for intellectual property. Sure, terms can be written in the case of intellectual property that people agree to at the purchase of an album, but you cannot steal what does not truly exist outside of frequency or pigmentation. You cannot take someone else’s car and then leave a copy of the car behind and you should not be able to use government to restrict other people’s ability to do just that.
This is an issue of principle and consistency which Jeffrey Tucker is no stranger to. Tucker has stayed completely true to his belief in free markets and truly impressive competition without the use of force. What’s better than individuals voting on the market for the best products with the best quality at the best price? Government simply stifles industry, creates monopolies and then comes in as the so-called hero with more restrictions that down the line create further monopolies. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic we speak of so much here at WAM.

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